Thursday, November 20, 2008

Media Still Pushing Obama-Mania

The host of CNN's Reliable Sources program admits that the mainstream news media's highly favorable coverage of Barack Obama may "have crossed a cultural line into mythmaking." Howard Kurtz of The Washington Post says the mainstream media are "packaging a president-elect for profit" and "fostering the notion that Obama is invincible" ... He adds that another example of the media frenzy over Obama is the cable network MSNBC running promos that say: "Barack Obama, America's 44th president. Watch as a leader renews America's promise."

Gay Activists Engage in Hate Crimes Against Christians

Homosexual militants have been conducting legal demonstrations in opposition to Proposition 8's victory in the election ... A Michigan church called Mount Hope was recently attacked by a self-titled homosexual anarchist group called Bash Back. Homosexual activists, according to Cass, have made it a regular practice to protest outside of California's churches, and he contends something should be done about it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Former Yugoslav Abortionist Now Embraces Life

A physician once considered a champion of abortion in the former Yugoslavia now defends the lives of unborn children. Sotjan Adasevic said he performed a total of 48,000 abortions, sometimes as many as 35 a day in Yugoslav hospitals under the former communist regime, until a dream caused him to have second thoughts about what he was doing. Adasevic told the Spanish newspaper La Razon that he "dreamed about a beautiful field full of children and young people who were playing and laughing, from 4 to 24 years of age, but who ran away from him in fear. A man dressed in a black and white habit stared at him in silence."

Americans Feel Religious Values Attacked

A majority of the American people believes that religious values are "under attack," and that Hollywood does not share the religious and moral values of most Americans, according to a survey issued Sunday by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) ... McCain voters were significantly more likely than Obama voters to agree with the claim that religious values are under attack in America.

Forced Abortion in China

The international community is outraged and warns China it is watching closely the case of a Muslim Uyghur woman who is being forced against her will to have an abortion. Arzigul Tursun, who lives in China’s far northwest region, is more than six months pregnant and is being hounded by authorities who want her to have an abortion. Tursun already has two children with her husband. Late on Sunday, Tursun fled the hospital that she was staying at while awaiting her abortion. But she was tracked down by police Monday afternoon at a relative’s house and was again taken to the hospital for an abortion, according to Radio Free Asia.

Most Youth Worldwide Say Religion Is Good

The majority of youths in the world say they are spiritual and think religion and spirituality are both positive, according to an extensive, first-of-its-kind survey. Being spiritual, for this young generation, most often is associated with believing in God.

Tiller 'the Killer' Faces Charges

A well-known late-term abortionist makes court appearances in Wichita this week. Kansas abortionist George Tiller faces 19 charges of illegally performing late-term abortions. State law requires a concurring signature from a second physician who is not legally or financially affiliated with him. Tiller instead used an abortion practitioner with whom he has a financial working relationship.

Eisenhower's Death Camps Remembered

I realize it’s difficult for the average citizen to admit witnessing a crime of this magnitude, especially if implicated himself. Even G.I.s sympathetic to the victims were afraid to complain and get into trouble, they told me. And the danger has not ceased. Since I spoke out a few weeks ago, I have received threatening calls and had my mailbox smashed. But its been worth it. Writing about these atrocities has been a catharsis of feelings suppressed too long, a liberation, that perhaps will remind other witnesses that “the truth will make us free, have no fear.” We may even learn a supreme lesson from all this: only love can conquer all.

Contraceptive Jabs Pushed in the U.K.

Ministers have ordered council and health chief executives to increase the uptake of "long-acting" contraception in teen pregnancy "hot spots". The government also wants more school-based clinics to administer the jabs, which can make girls infertile for up to three months. Teenagers can receive the injections or implants without their parents' knowledge.

Most U.K. Adults Think Children Are 'Danger to Society'

Public intolerance of young people has reached such levels that more than half of all adults think that British children are beginning to behave like animals, a poll has found. The poll, commissioned by the children’s charity Barnardo’s, found that 49 per cent of adults regard children as increasingly dangerous both to each other and to their elders, while 43 per cent feel that “something has to be done” to protect society from children and young people. More than a third of people agree that “it feels like the streets are infested with children”.