Sunday, April 15, 2007

Imus Canned; Catholic-Bashers Run Wild

Weighing in on the Don Imus controversy, Catholic League President Bill Donohue commented Wednesday on the way Catholic bashers are treated compared to the morning radio talk-show host. "Two years ago, Penn Jillette [of the comedy team Penn and Teller] went on 'Showtime' calling Mother Teresa ‘Mother F***ing Teresa’ and called the nuns who worked with her ‘f***ing c**ts.’ 'Showtime' is owned by Viacom and that is why I wrote to its chief, Sumner Redstone, to register a complaint. He wrote back extolling the merits of ‘artistic freedom’ and ‘tolerance,’" Donohue stated ... "In other words, Catholic bashing is humorous and an exercise in liberty. Racism is awful. Bigotry, then, is neither good nor bad — it just depends who the target is.”