Saturday, December 09, 2006

Crucified Santa Put on Front Lawn

A Vancouver Island artist has put an effigy of a crucified Santa Claus on his front lawn, causing some neighbours to complain it’s traumatizing their children. Jimmy Wright said the figure is intended to be a comment on society’s growing appetite for consumer goods.

Britain's Experiment With Multi-Culturalism Ends

Tony Blair formally declared Britain's multicultural experiment over yesterday as he told immigrants they had ''a duty" to integrate with the mainstream of society. In a speech that overturned more than three decades of Labour support for the idea, he set out a series of requirements that were now expected from ethnic minority groups if they wished to call themselves British.

The UN Is Rotten to Its Core

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan is a prime example, I wrote last week, of Peter's Principle - "an individual in a hierarchical organization rises to the level of his incompetence" - at work. Now, just weeks before his departure from the United Nations, Annan revealed how utterly depraved his politics are when he stated in a BBC interview Iraq is now worse than it was under Saddam Hussein.

Let's Be More Judgemental

But as much as we should be less materialistic and more faithful and religious, I'd like to make another plea as we enter the Christmas season. Be more judgmental. In the name of all that is good and holy and right and precious, be more judgmental ... Call a sin a sin and a crime a crime and never confuse morality with manners and compassion with sentimentality.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Battle for Marriage Will Continue

Reacting to the vote in the House of Commons today on reopening the marriage debate, pro-marriage groups vowed to fight on to restore the traditional definition of marriage. The nation's major groups in favour of marriage were unanimous in their determination to restore the traditional definition of marriage. "The Battle's not over, there will be an election in the soon and fortunately we live in a democratic country where people can make this an issue. The goal is to elect men and women who share our values," Pat O'Brien, former Liberal Member of Parliament and spokesman for Vote Marriage Canada told

It Was Hardly a Free Vote on Gay 'Marriage,' Says MP

A solemn Dean Del Mastro says democracy wasn't served Thursday when his Parliament Hill colleagues voted down a motion to change the definition of marriage ... Peterborough MP Del Mastro says it was intended to be a free vote for MPs but doesn't believe that was the case. He voted in favour of revisiting the issue and says many other MPs would have done the same if it wasn't for political pressure.
He was told by some that if they voted in favour they would be "assassinating their own careers."

CJD Fears Halt Surgeries at London Hospital

All surgeries and procedures in a hospital of London Health Sciences Centre University at London, Ontario, are currently being rescheduled. A patient on whom brain surgery was performed on Nov 30 is said to be potentially affected with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease of the classical type. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is caused when protein like particles called prions attack the brain leading to mental detiortion and ultimately death. It can be contracted via contaminated surgical equipment.

Clues To How the NSA Spies on Americans

Those who like to read tea leaves to figure out how the administration actually captures Americans' e-mails and phone calls without a warrant may have gotten a more cups to look at this week, even as telecom lobbyists are reportedly working hard to have Congress let them off the hook from pending lawsuits for their participation.

Mary Cheney: Cruel to Children

Mary Cheney, the Vice President's unmarried daughter, is expecting. Dr. Paul Cameron, Chairman of the Family Research Institute, a Colorado Springs think-tank, condemned her decision. "Unmarried women should not deliberately have children. Their children are more apt to experience privation and disruption. Consequently, such children are more apt to do poorly in school, disrupt society (e.g., engage in criminality), and be personally troubled. These wrongs are compounded when the child is brought into a homosexual setting."

Chinese Activist Says Officials Ordered His Torture

A leading rights activist from the eastern Chinese province of Shandong says a law enforcement official tried to arrange for him to be tortured at his detention center where he was awaiting trial, but that his jailers flatly refused to do it. Chen Guangcheng ... was sentenced to four years and three months' imprisonment in August after he blew the whistle on forced abortions and other abuses by family planning officials in his home county of Yinan.

Catholic Clergy Attack French Telethon Over Stem Cell Aid

For two decades, the country’s Muscular Dystrophy Association has run a wildly popular annual telethon to raise money for medical research ... But this year, the Roman Catholic Church here has sullied the reputation of the telethon, with some church officials calling its financing of research on embryonic stem cells immoral. “For us, these embryos are not things, but human beings,” Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, the archbishop of Lyon, told journalists on Tuesday. “And from the depths of our faith, we cannot accept that they are selected, destroyed, the objects of experiments.”

Christian Films a Big Hit

The growing audience and interest for Christian film. In the last year – and certainly since Mel Gibson’s uber-successful 2004 movie “Passion of the Christ” – Christian cinema has exploded. Five of the ten highest grossing Christian films since 1980 were released in the last 12 months, including “The Nativity Story,” which opened last Friday and earned over $8 million in its opening weekend.

Three Fetuses Found in Dead Woman's Freezer

The remains of what are tentatively identified as three fetuses or infants were discovered in the freezer of a woman who was found dead in her home last month.
A relative who was clearing out Tracy Howard's apartment discovered the bodies bagged in a freezer Thursday, Detective Lt. Michelle Jones said ... The condition of the bodies made it hard to comment on their possible ages, Jones said. "These were not like 9-pound babies. They were smaller in nature."

Catholic Church Denies Communion to Same-Sex 'Spouses'

A Roman Catholic couple say they’re being driven from the church over the archbishop’s opposition to their same-sex union. The couple’s priest at Stella Maris in Meteghan told them that Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, head of the Halifax archdiocese and administrator of the Yarmouth diocese, which includes Meteghan, had directed that they could no longer receive communion or assume any leadership position in the church.

Oh, Look: Chewable, Spearmint-Flavored Birth Control

Looking for a contraceptive that's convenient — and tasty? The first chewable birth-control method, a tiny, spearmint-flavored tablet that also can be swallowed without chewing, has hit pharmacy shelves. Femcon Fe, which contains the same hormones as standard oral contraceptives, offers a new option for women who don't like swallowing pills and want to take their birth control with them, according to Carl Reichel, president of drugmaker Warner Chilcott of Rockaway.

Now Britain's Blood Supply Is Contaminated

Thousands of people are at risk from an outbreak of variant Creut-zfeld-Jakob disease spread by contaminated blood or infected surgical instruments. An analysis of the death of a third patient after a transfusion of infected blood, published yesterday, shows that the disease is very easily transmitted by blood. Nobody knows how many donors may have given infected blood in the past, or may still be giving it today.

Pro-Choice = Pro-Censorship

That said, CUSA's action is Orwellian, mean-spirited and more than a little weird. CUSA's policy is aimed at what it calls the "anti-choice" agenda. Their anti-anti-choice solution is to do what they can to penalize students who argue for a different choice. The new policy at least clarifies that CUSA is not "pro-choice" at all, but flat-out pro-abortion. In CUSA's conception, choice means denying students the choice of forming clubs to reflect their interests. It is straight out of Orwell's 1984.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

89% of Canadians Say Children Should Be Raised by Parents or a Heterosexual

Canadians are unanimous that the right of children to be raised by their own father and mother should be protected in Canada, a new study has shown, with 89 percent saying they agreed “strongly” or “very strongly” that a child has a right to be cared for by his or her parents. The poll was conducted last week to help identify how strongly Canadians (and Quebecers) feel about children’s rights in comparison to homosexual couples’ claim of adoption rights. Sixty-two percent of Canadians (and 64 percent of Quebecers) agreed marriage should remain between a man and a woman in order to protect the rights of the child, with legal recognition for homosexual unions.

Millions of Britons Would Resist an ID Card

The first signs of a significant popular revolt against the Government's identity card scheme have been uncovered by a YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph. It suggests that hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even millions, would refuse to register on the proposed database that will underpin the scheme, even if this meant a fine or going to jail.

A True Miracle: Hollywood Puts Christ Back in Christmas

When I first learned that Hollywood was producing a film version of Jesus' birth, I feared the worst. I wondered if they would use computer-generated angel wings, Renaissance-era costumes, cheesy subplots and sappy dialogue spoken in King James English by blond-haired actors. But I didn't cringe even once during New Line Cinema's The Nativity Story. It is possibly the most tasteful treatment of a Bible story to ever grace the screen.

Church-State Relations Across Europe Heading Toward 'New Landscape'

"Religion — for good and bad — is reasserting itself as a force in Europe," said Gerhard Robbers, a professor of political and religious studies at Germany's University of Trier. "The period of secularism is coming to an end. A new landscape is emerging."

Shocking, But True, Facts About Health Care

One out of every four orthopedic surgeons has cut or will operate on the wrong limb at some point in his or her career. Medical mistakes kill between 44,000 to 98,000 hospitalized Americans each year. Thousands more are injured causing permanent disabilities, many not even knowing their doctors are at fault. Presently, (U.S.)laws do not require doctors to inform the patient of the true cause of his or her condition. Only when the patient specifically asks is a doctor legally bound to offer any information about the cause of his condition. Medical malpractice and/or negligence is the eighth most common cause of death in America! These preventable deaths exceed the deaths attributed to car accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS!

Religious Leaders Call for Prayer for Darfur

Religious leaders in the Save Darfur Coalition urged prayer the weekend of Dec. 9-10 to call attention to the ongoing atrocities in the Darfur region of western Sudan. "Nobody knows the exact number" of those killed in the conflict, said David Rubenstein, executive director of the coalition, although he estimated 400,000 have died in the violence. "There are people dying every day, and at risk of death every day," Rubenstein said during a Dec. 5 conference call with reporters. "They are being burned from their homes and villages."

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We'll Let This Image Speak for Itself ...

Our 'Free' Health Care Costs $4,500 a Person

Canadians will spend $148 billion on health care this year or $4,548 per person -- a spending rate that outpaces inflation and population growth, the Canadian Institute for Health Information says. Despite controversy over two-tier health care, the ratio of public-to-private spending has remained stable over the past decade, at 70% public and 30% private, the institute said in a report released yesterday.

Carleton U's Anti-Choice Pro-Choice Students Union

Student leaders at Carleton University have passed a controversial proposal denying funding to campus groups opposed to abortion. The decision was reached shortly before midnight after a four-hour debate that exposed sharp divisions among the student body.

Anne McLellan Knew of Gun Registry Cost Overruns

In May, a report was issued by the Public Accounts Committee censuring former Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Anne McLellan, faulting her for ignoring the advice of her senior bureaucrats and not reporting the cost overruns of the troubled gun registry. Instead of going to Parliament to ask for additional funds, the overrun was moved forward in time, against accepted accounting practices. The Liberal Party members of the committee dissented, claiming that Anne McLellan was given bad advice by her staff. (There is) a memo that shows exactly what advice was given directly to the minister from the commissioner of firearms, and it suggests that Anne McLellan was told the whole truth, and was given accurate advice, including about the accounting rules that would need to be followed.

St. Paul's Tomb Unearthed

Vatican archaeologists have unearthed a sarcophagus believed to contain the remains of the Apostle Paul that had been buried beneath Rome's second largest basilica. The sarcophagus, which dates back to at least A.D. 390, has been the subject of an extended excavation that began in 2002 and was completed last month, the project's head said this week.

Mexico Experiences Boom in Catholic Vocations

Mexico is seeing a veritable boom in vocations to the priesthood and religious life, says an official of Aid to the Church in Need. "There are about 12,000 young men preparing for the priesthood in Mexican major seminaries, while 15,000 active priests are serving the faithful," said Xavier Legorreta, head of Aid to the Church in Need's Latin America I section. "In addition, there are some 32,000 religious sisters," the expert said today upon his return from a visit to the country, where he attended the general assembly of the bishops' conference.

Darfur 'Free Fall' Will Lead to Genocide

The conflict in Darfur has spread to two neighboring countries and is now in "free fall" with six million people facing the prospect of going without food or protection, the outgoing U.N. humanitarian chief said Tuesday ... "I think some of the Arab countries and Asian countries have not really understood we're in a free fall. It's not a steady deterioration. It's a free fall and it includes Darfur, eastern Chad, northern Central African Republic," he said.

Pro-Family Groups Combat Homosexual Agenda in Public Schools

With so much politically-correct pro-homosexual indoctrination going on, how do parents assess the extent of homosexual activism in their own local schools? Linda Harvey, founder of the Ohio-based pro-family group Mission America, has developed one common-sense tool. Harvey's "Risk Audit Project" is a comprehensive survey which measures the promotion of homosexuality in a given public school district. (The survey can be downloaded for free at the organization's website:

Muslims Urinated on Bible

TWO Muslim students have been expelled from an Islamic school in Melbourne for urinating and spitting on a Bible and setting it on fire. The explosive incident has forced the East Preston Islamic College to call in a senior imam to tell its 650 Muslim students that the Bible and Christianity must be respected.

FBI Eavesdrops on Cellphones

The FBI appears to have begun using a novel form of electronic surveillance in criminal investigations: remotely activating a mobile phone's microphone and using it to eavesdrop on nearby conversations. The technique is called a "roving bug," and was approved by top U.S. Department of Justice officials for use against members of a New York organized crime family who were wary of conventional surveillance techniques such as tailing a suspect or wiretapping him.

New York Rejects Transgender Birth Certificate Law

New York City's health department on Tuesday rejected a proposal that would have allowed transgender people to switch the gender on their birth certificates without a sex-change operation ... Had it passed, people who live in the gender opposite their genitalia would have been able to acquire a new birth certificate if they had the backing of doctors and mental health professionals.

Pray or Be Beheaded: Muslim Leader

Residents of a southern Somalia town who do not pray five times a day will be beheaded, an official said Wednesday, adding the edict will be implemented in three days ... Those who do not follow the prayer edict after three days have elapsed, "will definitely be beheaded according to Islamic law," Rage told The Associated Press by phone.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Danish Nutbar Creates Crucifix For Right to Contraception and Sex Ed

The copper sculpture depicts a pregnant teenager in natural size crucified on a big cross. It is a harsh comment to the impact of the fundamentalist branch of the Christian church, with President Bush and the Pope in the lead, on contraception and sexual education. Women, including teenagers, bear the brunt of the disastrous consequences of the ban on condoms based on ´Christian´ morality. The first sculpture was inaugurated on 1st December 2006, international AIDS day, in front of the Cathedral of Copenhaguen.

The Toxic Tradeoff We Have to Make

This is a story about a trade-off: Products that make our everyday lives convenient, comfortable and safe contain potentially harmful chemicals that can remain in the body for decades. It's a story about the flame retardants in many car seat cushions, computer wires and the dust on your desk. It's about the pesticides in the imported fruits and vegetables you eat. It's about the coatings often found in your microwave popcorn bags and fast-food wrappers and the stain-resistant fibers in your carpet. "Everybody in the U.S. has many chemicals in them," said Dr. Arnold Schecter, a public-health physician and researcher at the University of Texas School of Public Health in Dallas.

Ronald McDonald and Other Deceptive Villains

Your living room is no longer a safe haven for your children when they turn on the television. Children are prime targets for marketing, not only because they will grow to be the next adult generation of consumers but also because they influence their parents to buy what they want. The food industry has capitalized on the spending power of American children by marketing mostly soft-drinks, sugary cereals, fast foods, salty snacks and candy to a young and impressionable audience. The promotion of unhealthy food has infiltrated TV screens across the nation, bombarding each child with 10,000 food advertisement on average each year.

Pornography: Just Another Honest Way to Make a Living?

The butcher, the baker, and the porn-filmmaker? Pornography is becoming so commonplace in our culture that, one day very soon, it may be seen as just another way to make an honest living. That was the distressing message of a series of articles that appeared in The Denver Post. Titled "Pornopolis," the articles examined the "rock-star status" of pornography and its influence on modern culture.

The 'Naughty' List of Companies That Censor Christmas

The Florida-based Christian law firm Liberty Counsel has developed a checklist cataloguing retailers who either censor or acknowledge Christmas ... So far, stores on the "Naughty" list include Lowe's, where employees are not allowed to say "merry Christmas" to customers; Banana Republic, whose website refers to a "Holiday Gift Guide" with no mention of Christmas; and Best Buy, whose spokesperson says the use of "merry Christmas" is disrespectful. Meanwhile, among the stores on the "Nice" list are Dillard's, Hobby Lobby, JC Penney, Jo-Ann Fabrics, L.L. Bean, and Wal-Mart.

Iraqi Christians Plead for Help

Faced with growing repression by Muslims, Christians from an ancient tradition in Iraq are calling on American political leaders for help before their entire community is extinguished. Christian Assyrians and some of their supporters demonstrated in front of the White House yesterday, highlighting an alarming trend reported by the U.N.: While representing just 5 percent of the Iraqi population, 40 percent of the refugees fleeing the country are Assyrians.

Coroner Says Baby at Abortuary Was Born Alive

An autopsy on the body of a baby girl found at a Hialeah, Fla., abortion business shows her arrival is being considered a birth, but it also notes that her cause of death was "extreme prematurity." The autopsy was obtained by the front-line pro-life organization Operation Rescue, and posted online.

In French Canada, the Sacred Is Also Profane

"Oh, ----------!" The man swore in French as a car splashed through a puddle, sending water onto his pants. He could never be quoted in the papers here. It is too profane. So are other angry oaths that sound innocuous in English: chalice, host, baptism. In French-speaking Quebec, swearing sounds like an inventory being taken at a church. English-speaking Canadians use profanities that would be well understood in the United States, many of them scatological or sexual terms. But the Quebecois prefer to turn to religion when they are mad. They adopt commonplace Catholic terms -- and often creative permutations of them -- for swearing.

83% of Store-Bought Chicken Carries Salmonella

If you eat undercooked or mishandled chicken, our new tests indicate, you have a good chance of feeling miserable. CR’s analysis of fresh, whole broilers bought nationwide revealed that 83 percent harbored campylobacter or salmonella, the leading bacterial causes of foodborne disease.

Don't Complain About That Warm Beer, Guys ...

A St. Louis man was shot to death Sunday night over a warm beer, police said. St. Louis police say a woman shot her husband, who was about 70 years old, four to five times in the chest after he tried giving her a warm can of Stag beer.

Veiled Muslim Woman to Deliver 'Alternate Christmas' Address

A veiled Muslim woman will deliver this year's alternative Christmas speech on Channel 4, the broadcaster has said. Khadija, a Zimbabwean-born British citizen who has been wearing the full veil - or niqab - for 10 years, has been given the slot ... A counterpoint to the Queen's Christmas speech first appeared on C4 in 1993.

Kissinger Not Asked By Pope to Be an Adviser

Pope Benedict XVI does not have a foreign affairs advisory board, and he has not asked former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to become one of his advisers, the Vatican spokesman said.

Richest 2% Own Half the World's Wealth

The richest 2% of adults in the world own more than half of all household wealth, according to a new study by a United Nations research institute. The report, from the World Institute for Development Economics Research at the UN University, says that the poorer half of the world's population own barely 1% of global wealth.

Millions Wasted on Ontario Government Credit Cards

A number of Ontario's public sector workers can't account for millions in charges on taxpayer-funded credit cards, the province's auditor general finds. "I'd have to say that we noticed examples across all broader public sector areas that we looked at," Jim McCarter said in his annual report released Tuesday. "The number of questionable examples that we noted across the system were certainly of concern this year ... we have a lot of examples in here of what we would call really questionable expenditures."

Canada Fails to Make List of Least-Corrupt Nations

Canada failed to crack the top 10 list of countries perceived to be the least corrupt, according to the results of a new international survey that suggests the sponsorship scandal has scarred our squeaky-clean image. The inaugural Gallup Worldwide Corruption Index found that Canada ranked 15th, right behind Uruguay and Vietnam but just ahead of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Autopsy Confirms Baby Born Alive in Abortuary

An autopsy report has been released by Operation Rescue showing that a baby who died in a Florida abortion mill in July was born alive. Abortion facility staff placed the child still breathing and moving into a plastic medical waste bag. Hialeah Police had previously stated that they were awaiting the results of an autopsy on the child’s remains before pursuing possible charges.

Surge in Underage Gay Sex in U.K.

Fifty-eight per cent of U.K. gay teens have sex before the age of 16, the annual Puffta love-sex-life survey has revealed. And the government is failing to educate teens about sex at the right age and in the right communities. The recent Department of Health (DH) campaign to make condoms 'essential wear' for young people had the following brief: "To normalise condom use and tackle growing rates of sexually transmitted infections among 18 to 24-year-olds who are complacent about unprotected sex". And 35% of those responding to the survey said that they had unprotected sex in the past three months.

Monday, December 04, 2006

We'll Make Life Hell For Anti-Marriage MPs: McVety

Christian activists will make life hell on the next campaign trail for MPs who break their vows to protect traditional marriage, says a staunch opponent of gay weddings. Charles McVety, head of the independent Defend Marriage movement, will be in Ottawa on Wednesday when Parliament is set to debate a Conservative motion that could reopen Liberal schisms on a touchy subject.

14-Year-Old Writes His Fifth Symphony

I was driving to the grocery store and the public radio station was playing a recording of Jay Greenberg's Symphony No. 5. If you guessed that Greenberg preceded this symphony with four others, that's very astute of you. Which is not a big deal - this writing of five symphonies - as these things go. After all, Haydn wrote more than 100. What makes Greenberg's symphony stand out is that the composer, who entered Juilliard at age 10, is only 14. Which means the kid is calling the shots for an entire symphony orchestra before we trust him to operate a motor vehicle.

The Thinly Veiled War on Christianity Is Thriving

In this self-congratulatory age of multiculturalism and hyper-tolerance, what religion other than Christianity is treated as inherently offensive? In fact, haven't our cultural high priests instructed that we dare not find other religions offensive, but must even enthusiastically embrace them for contributing to our diversity of ideas and values? Of course they have, but that admonition -- as all but the most inattentive recognize - doesn't apply to Christianity, as this year's annual war on Christmas demonstrates once again.

Orwellian Abortion-Speak

Brian Lamb, creator of C-Span, has greatly informed those of us watching the channel -- as recently in airing the two-hour oral arguments on whether Congress can ban partial-birth abortion, called by doctors who perform the procedure, intact dilation and extraction. What fascinated me throughout the debate and the reactions of the justices was, as George Orwell put it, the way language can be, and is so often used, "as an instrument which we shape for our own purposes." Only rarely did any participant speak plainly about the procedure ... I often heard references to "fetal demise."

X-Rated Christmas 'Pornaments' For Sale

Several new holiday decorations considered X-rated are being sold in Florida at a store popular with young children, according to a report. Six controversial ornaments, which can be purchased for $9 at Spencer's stores in Jacksonville and other parts of Florida, include an X-rated snowman and reindeer. A television station reported that the pornaments can be found on store shelves at the Regency Square Mall in Jacksonville in plain view of children and to anyone who walks into the Spencer's stores.

Morgentaler's 'Caring Society' Strikes Again

Toronto police are investigating reports that a mother threw her young son from an overpass over busy Highway 401 near the Toronto Zoo last night and then jumped after him, killing them both. Shocked police officers found the bodies of the boy, about 3, and his mother in the westbound collector lanes under the Morningside Ave. bridge at about 7:15 p.m.

Judas Was Not, In Fact, a Hero: Scholars

Some scholars are refuting an interpretation of a 1,700-year-old document claiming to prove that Judas was a hero and not a villain ... The document is written in Coptic script, an ancient Egyptian language. "The big headline was in April that the text was discovered," Evans said. "The second big headline is right now: oops, maybe we misinterpreted it and we need to rethink it."

Dion Immediately Engages in Ideological Rhetoric

New Liberal Leader Stephane Dion used phrases like "far right" and "neo-conservative ideology" while attacking the Conservatives in his first question period appearance as opposition leader. Prime Minister Stephen Harper responded by congratulating Dion on his victory. He noted that he had also lived at Stornoway, the official residence for opposition leaders.

Ontario Restores Law Reform Commission

Mere weeks after the federal government caused a stir in the legal community by killing its Law Reform Commission, Ontario Attorney-General Michael Bryant has announced the creation of a very similar creature. Unveiling the Ontario Law Commission at a Toronto symposium yesterday, Mr. Bryant took pains to contrast the attitude of the two governments toward law reform.

Corruption at Children's Aid Societies

Revelations that several children's aid societies have bought executives pricey SUVs, personal training sessions and trips abroad while children in risky homes wait too long to be checked by case workers put the Ontario government on the defensive yesterday. The details, which opposition parties and the government's own child advocate called "disturbing," came in a rare leak of the provincial auditor general's report, which is to be released Tuesday.

Armed Police Raid Over Milk Likened to Drug Bust

The father of five said his milk and cheese operation was raided last week by ''armed officers of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of Finance.'' Portraying the storming of his farm as an operation befitting a police state, Schmidt and hundreds of supporters claim that $10,000 worth of milk processing equipment was seized shuttering the small business.

Good Work If You Can Get It

The federal government is paying Barbara McDougall $1,600 a day to be Ottawa's representative in the Caledonia negotiations. That is $300 more a day than her provincial counterpart Jane Stewart. Between May and the end of August, McDougall billed Ottawa for 185 hours or about a day and a half a week. Her tab for those hours was $39,000, including GST.

Polygamists Following Gay Rights Model

Valerie and others among the estimated 40,000 men, women and children in polygamous communities are part of a new movement to decriminalize bigamy. Consciously taking tactics from the gay rights movement, polygamists have reframed their struggle, choosing in interviews to de-emphasize their religious beliefs and focus on their desire to live "in freedom," according to Anne Wilde, director of community relations for Principle Voices, a pro-polygamy group based in Salt Lake.

Hamilton Nurses Fear Onset of 'Big Brother'

Hamilton Health Sciences is looking into using electronic tracking to monitor its employees. The Privacy Commissioner of Canada has been asked to give an opinion on using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to track the whereabouts of staff and certain patients ... Privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart was unavailable for comment yesterday, but spoke out against this type of continual surveillance of employees in a speech at Ryerson University this week. "Continual surveillance is dehumanizing," she said.

Iraq Is Rending Itself Apart

Iraq is rending itself apart. The signs of collapse are everywhere. In Baghdad, the police often pick up more than 100 tortured and mutilated bodies in a single day. Government ministries make war on each other ... Iraq may be getting close to what Americans call "the Saigon moment," the time when it becomes evident to all that the government is expiring.

The Rockefeller Family and Population Control

Chronology continues ... 1950-51 - Rockefeller Foundation chairman John Foster Dulles takes John D. Rockefeller III on a tour of Third World countries stressing the need eugenically to control the growth of non-white populations.

Dion Won't Tolerate Democracy on Same-Sex 'Marriage'

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion indicated Sunday he's ready to crack the whip at his caucus when it comes to this week's vote on same-sex marriage. "Indeed, to me it's a matter of rights and you don't pick and choose rights," Dion told a news conference when asked about the first thorny issue to prick his newly minted control of the federal Liberal party.

Liberal Women Firmly Rooted in the Past

The Pink Book -- the newly released first volume of a promised series from the Liberal Women's Caucus -- suggests that whatever worthy efforts may be underway to revitalize party thinking, Liberal women parliamentarians remain firmly rooted in the past.

Vancouver: Canada's Top Gay Destination

Vancouver is now the number one gay travel destination in Canada, according to an international survey by Community Marketing Incorporated that polled over 7,500 gay and lesbian travellers. Tourism Vancouver says they have been marketing to gay travellers for nearly a decade and recently teamed up with Tourism BC to step up their campaign. Gay tourism to the city has increased since 2003 when same sex marriage became legal in Canada.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Many Concerned About Warren's Lack of Commitment on Abortion

In an open letter sent to Rick Warren, the Christian Defense Coalition asks Pastor Warren to exhibit a more public witness with respect toward social justice and helping end the violence against women and children through abortion. The group has asked Rick Warren to join with the faith community in prayer during a national pro-life witness at the abortion clinic of George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas this January. They have also asked to partner with Saddleback Church in putting together an international summit on "Abortion and the Church."

Reality Mirrors Art

It has been nearly a year since Lillo Brancato, who appeared in the movie "A Bronx Tale," and HBO's "The Sopranos," allegedly killed off-duty cop Daniel Enchautegui in the Bronx. Brancato didn't pull the trigger; his friend, Armento, 49, did. But the 30-year-old actor is charged with murder because the shooting occurred during the commission of another felony. He faces up to 25 years to life in prison.

Dangerous, Filthy Abortuaries

State officials found the Alabama Women's Center for Reproductive Alternatives in Huntsville violated 10 different health codes endangering women's lives. The horrible truth of what goes on in our nation's abortion mills is being exposed as Health Departments across the nation are taking another look into this once "most favored" business. What they are finding is absolutely revolting! The filth, the caked-up blood, the unsanitary conditions and instruments, the non-caring demeanor of doctors and staff, leaves one wondering where Health Departments have been all these years.

Oh, Oh: Hillary Begins 'Active Consideration' of Presidential Run

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has begun active consideration of a 2008 run for president and has personally asked some fellow top New York Democrats for their support in the event she goes ahead with such a campaign, a top adviser said Sunday. "As Sen. Clinton said, she was going to begin actively considering a presidential run after the election. That process has begun," said Howard Wolfson.

Of Cops and Doughnuts

Jokes about cops and doughnuts might be the reflex reaction to a new survey that shows nearly two-thirds of Toronto Police Service workers are overweight ... A health survey of 2,110 police officers and civilian employees conducted by Connex Health found almost 90 per cent admitted to poor nutrition habits, while 65 per cent said they were overweight. A further 44 per cent reported an unhealthy fitness level, while around 20 per cent said they had been diagnosed as obese.