Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's So Great About Catholicism?

With its divine foundation, sanction, and mission, nothing could be more glorious than the Catholic Church ... The Renaissance, a great Catholic moment, enlightened the world by seeing it afresh with both the light of faith and the light of classical civilization, which was Catholicism's seedbed. So, too, today, if we look on the world through truly Catholic eyes, we will find that the fog lifts, our perspectives grow deeper, and beauty and truth beckon above the puerility of mass popular culture.

The End of White America?

The Election of Barack Obama is just the most startling manifestation of a larger trend: the gradual erosion of “whiteness” as the touchstone of what it means to be American. If the end of white America is a cultural and demographic inevitability, what will the new mainstream look like—and how will white Americans fit into it? What will it mean to be white when whiteness is no longer the norm? And will a post-white America be less racially divided—or more so?

Christian Fireman Wins Apology Over Gay Stance

A Christian fireman who was disciplined for refusing to attend a gay pride march has won an apology and compensation from his employers. John Mitchell, 37, took a stance on moral grounds as one of nine firefighters who disobeyed orders to hand out leaflets at the event in Glasgow. The Roman Catholic father-of-four received a written warning and was ordered to undergo "diversity training".