Monday, December 08, 2008

Gay Group Organizes 'Pink Christmas'

A Dutch gay group said Monday it has planned a "Pink Christmas" festival for the first time in Amsterdam, featuring a manger stall with two Josephs and two Marys ... ProGay group chairman Frank van Dalen said Monday the event is intended to increase the choices for homosexual men and women during the Christmas holiday week ... Some Christian groups protested. The organization Christians for Truth said the idea "mocks the core concepts of Evangelism."

Another Abortion Propogator Criminally Convicted

A woman who operated an abortion clinic that catered to low-income Latino women has pleaded guilty to nine felony counts of practicing medicine without a license, the district attorney's office announced today. Bertha Pinedo Bugarin, 48, faces as many as nine years in prison when sentenced Feb. 6. "This criminal preyed on women in the Hispanic community and has now been held accountable," said Dist. Atty. Bonnie Dumanis.

Portugal Pushed Into a Second E.U. Vote

Irish voters who rejected the Lisbon Treaty in June will be asked to vote again on the issue next year, paving the way for controversial EU laws to be introduced in Britain. All 27 member states must ratify the Treaty before it comes into force. Ireland, Poland and the Czech Republic are the only nations that have not yet agreed to do so ... On Thursday the Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen will confirm that a new vote will be held in 2009.

Policeman Forced to Quit Over Views on Gay Sex

The Christian policeman sacked after a row over gay rights has told how his dismissal after 15 years in the force has ‘devastated’ his family. As The Mail on Sunday revealed in the summer, Graham Cogman objected to being ‘bombarded’ at work by emails and posters promoting events such as Gay History Month. He responded to the ‘politically correct’ campaign by sending emails to colleagues quoting Biblical texts suggesting that homosexual sex was sinful. But he faced accusations of homophobia and a series of disciplinary hearings, culminating 12 days ago in his sacking by Norfolk Police for misconduct.

Our Troubled Teens

Staples. Paper clips. Needles. Pencil lead. Shards of wood, plastic and glass. They're all part of the "next step" new arsenal among troubled teens who have grown bored with simply cutting themselves and are now jamming themselves with everyday objects in a horrid ritual doctors are calling "self-embedding." Ironically, it is radiologists – not child psychologists and psychiatrists – who have sounded the alarm on what they're calling a "disturbing trend" among teens, some of whom are pushing sharp items so deep into their own flesh and muscle, many can only be detected by ultrasound and not X-rays.

Britain 'Unfriendly' for Religious People: Cardinal

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor claims that the rise of secularism has led to a liberal society, hostile to Christian morals and values, in which religious belief is viewed as "a private eccentricity" and the voice of faith groups is marginalised. The cardinal warns that Britain shows signs of degenerating into a country free of morals, because of its rejection of traditional values and its new emphasis on the rights of the individual.

Words Associated with Christianity Taken Out of Dictionary

Oxford University Press has removed words like "aisle", "bishop", "chapel", "empire" and "monarch" from its Junior Dictionary and replaced them with words like "blog", "broadband" and "celebrity". Dozens of words related to the countryside have also been culled. The publisher claims the changes have been made to reflect the fact that Britain is a modern, multicultural, multifaith society. But academics and head teachers said that the changes to the 10,000 word Junior Dictionary could mean that children lose touch with Britain's heritage.

'Sinister' Database on England's Children

Under sinister new guidelines, officers must assess all children they encounter – including while ‘searching premises’ – for a police database called MERLIN. This, in turn, feeds into a giant new Whitehall database on Britain’s children, Contact Point, which goes live nationally in January. The Tories have vowed to scrap it, arguing that it threatens family privacy and children’s safety. But civil liberties campaigners say we must resist it now, before it is too late.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

'Disgraceful' Withholding of Late-Term Abortion Data

There are continuing concerns that the law is being flouted to weed out "less than perfect" babies. Prof Stuart Campbell, the leading obstetrician whose 3D-scan images of babies "walking in the womb" at 12 weeks led to calls for a lowering of the 24-week limit for social abortion, said last night: "It is a disgraceful situation for this data to be suppressed. "This is not about whether one agrees with abortion. These statistics used to be published, now they are being withheld.

Finally, They Learned

Amsterdam unveiled plans Saturday to close up to half of the famed brothels and marijuana cafes in its ancient city center as part of a major cleanup operation. The city says it wants to drive organized crime out of the district, and is targeting businesses that "generate criminality," including prostitution, gambling parlors, "smart shops" that sell herbal treatments, head shops and "coffee shops" where marijuana is sold openly.

An Opportunity to Steal Governance

None of this has anything to do with an economic stimulus package but everything to do with desperate politicians who, though told repeatedly by the electorate they are not required in government, see an opportunity to steal power and run the country. The Liberals were told twice in a row that they had lost and the NDP have been told at every stage in its history that Canadians do not want them as federal governors. But none of this seems to matter when dog politicians sniff the bones of governance.