Friday, November 14, 2008

Harper's Secret Agenda: Occupy the Middle Ground

Are the Harper Conservatives always acting like conservatives? Sadly, no. The government has disappointed a lot of Canadian conservatives since coming to office. They have supported an increased role for government instead of a reduced role; passed targeted tax credits instead of broad-based tax relief; increased government spending (especially in the second budget) rather than enhancing the role of the private sector; and spent more time apologizing for historical grievances instead of promoting political and financial independence for these same groups. None of these particular positions should make small ā€cā€ conservatives stand up and cheer.

Aging Population = Record Health Costs

Canada's health-care spending is expected to reach its highest level ever - $171.9-billion this year, or $5,170 per person - growing faster than the economy and outpacing inflation and population growth, new figures show. The Canadian Institute for Health Information study, released yesterday, found health spending is expected to reach 10.7 per cent of the country's gross domestic product, attaining highest-ever status in that category and leaving the country's beloved medicare vulnerable to cuts at a time of economic turmoil.