Thursday, October 02, 2008

Catholic Magazine Calls for Defeat and Removal of Stephen Harper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's disturbing statements to the media that he will undemocratically not permit anyone to reopen the debate on abortion are a stark betrayal of conservative principles and should prompt his electoral defeat in Calgary Southwest in the coming federal election, says the editor of Canada's national Catholic magazine of news, analysis and opinion. In addition, Father Alphonse de Valk, editor of Catholic Insight magazine, is calling for the removal of Harper as Conservative party leader.

Spectre of Eugenics Rises in Louisiana

A Louisiana lawmaker has an unconventional way of dealing with the poor. Representative John LaBruzzo (R-District 81) of Metairie recently suggested paying poor women $1,000 if they will consent to be sterilized. The suggestion has been rebuked by New Orleans Archbishop Alfred Hughes, who called it "blatantly anti-life." Katy Walker with the American Life League (ALL) explains LaBruzzo's plan further. "Louisiana State Representative John LaBruzzo has decided he's going to pay poor women a thousand dollars a piece to be sterilized -- sterilize themselves to end poverty," she says. "He's going to eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor."

Handel's Messiah Caught in Chinese Religious Crackdown

China's crackdown on Christianity is being expanded to include even classical works of music if their themes are Christian, such as Handel's "Messiah" and Mozart's "Requiem," according to the London Telegraph. The report said the Academy of Ancient Music, a leading orchestral and choral group in Britain, was invited to sing Handel's "Messiah" at the Beijing International Music Festival this month. While authorities are allowing the performance to go on, the report said, it will be "by invitation only," a move effectively barring members of the public.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Faith in God Can Relieve Pain

Research at Oxford University has found believers can draw on their religion to endure suffering with greater fortitude, suggesting Christian martyrs may have been able to reduce the agony of torture or slow death. Academics at The Oxford Centre For Science Of The Mind gave electric shocks to 12 Roman Catholics and 12 atheists as they studied a painting of the Virgin Mary. They found Catholics seemed able to block out much of the pain. Using brain-scanning techniques, they also discovered that the Catholics were able to activate part of the brain associated with conditioning the experience of pain.

Patient Describes Her Abortion Terror

A life-threatening abortion complication landed a patient of late-term abortionist George R. Tiller in the hospital last Thursday. The woman has come forward to tell of her harrowing, near-death experience at Tiller's Women's Health Care Services. Patient S. has alleged that on Tuesday, September 23, abortionist Shelley Sella may have botched an injection into her abdomen, causing sepsis, a systemic infection that rapidly spreads throughout the body and can cause rapid death.

Gay Street Fest Condemned

The 2008 Folsom Street Fair sex festival has completed another run in U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's district in San Francisco, and the local Chronicle newspaper described it this way: "There were naked people selling bondage gear and naked people seeking support for measures on the Nov. 4 ballot. There were naked people with cameras, taking pictures of other naked people. One man wore only an 11-foot Burmese python, which curled around his waist."

Planned Parenthood Under Investigation for Fraud

More than 50 members of Congress have asked the Health and Human Services Secretary to conduct an audit of Planned Parenthood over allegations that the abortion provider has overbilled the federal government. The request for the audit was initially made by a coalition of faith-based groups, including the American Family Association. Planned Parenthood receives federal funding through the Title X Family Planning Program, a 90-percent Medicaid match for family planning, and a federal program to purchase drugs from manufacturers at a reduced price.

China's Disturbing Military Expansion

Senior defence analysts said that within the next decade the country will have an army that will be second only to America's military might which could "embolden" it to military action. The rapid growth of China's navy is matched by its desire to expand into the Indian Ocean and South China Sea to feed resources into its voracious economy.

A Briton's Lifetime Tax Bill: About $1 Million

THE average British household faces a lifetime tax bill of £668,000 at current rates of taxation. The TaxPayers' Alliance pressure group, which campaigns for lower taxes, said that the figure represented a 6 per cent increase on last year. The amount is calculated on what an average household would pay over 40 years in work and 15 years in retirement.