Tuesday, September 16, 2008

College Bans Christmas and Easter

A college has renamed the traditional Christmas and Easter breaks in a bid to avoid offending students from other religions. The college's new calendar shows that both of the traditional holiday periods have now been re-branded as 'end of term breaks'. Critics have complained that the decision by Yorkshire Coast College is nothing more than 'political correctness'.

Satanists Stab Four 666 Times and Eat Them

Four teenagers were horrifically slain by Satanists — stabbed 666 times each and then EATEN. The gang of Devil worshippers butchered their victims and roasted them on a bonfire before devouring their flesh. Horrified cops found body parts dumped in a pit beside an upside-down cross, a symbol used in Satanic worship. The victims all suffered 666 knife wounds — the number associated with the Beast, or Antichrist, and featured in horror films such as The Omen.

Why Feminists Hate Sarah Palin

I disagree with Sarah Palin on a number of issues, including abortion rights. But when the feminist establishment treats not only pro-life feminism but small-government, individualist feminism as heresy, it writes off multitudes of women. Of course, being a feminist role model is not part of the vice president's job description, and there are legitimate questions about Mrs. Palin's qualifications. And yet, like millions of American women -- and men -- I find her can-do feminism infinitely more liberated than the what-can-the-government-do-for-me brand espoused by the sisterhood.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Palin: Political Man Magnet

Republican John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate was intended to lure women voters, but it's the guys who are actually getting hooked, new polls show. One CNN survey this week found that 62% of men have a favorable opinion of Palin - nine points higher than women. Similarly, 57% of men believe Palin is qualified to be vice president, compared with only 43% among women.

Our Dysfunctional Justice System

There is an ever-growing deficiency in applying some very basic common sense principles relating to policing, the judiciary, and corrections. To begin with, our courts view the judicial process as being more important than the truth. The police continue to be handcuffed by legislation filtered through the lens of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and higher court rulings that restrict their ability to investigate, gather evidence, interrogate alleged suspects and successfully conclude criminal cases ...
Our country has ventured a long way from law and order. In fact there is a growing lawlessness that is often excused by politicians, members of the judiciary and some academics.

Ireland 'Expected' to Hold Second E.U. Referendum

An internal EU briefing paper, entitled The Solution to the Irish Problem, predicts that Dublin will accede to the re-run at a meeting of Europe's leaders on October 15. Ireland has been under French and German pressure to hold a second vote and Autumn 2009 has emerged as the favoured date among officials and diplomats ahead of the European Union summit on the future of the Lisbon Treaty next month. Ireland has refused to deny that a second referendum could occur, following the 'No' vote in June.

Post-Abortion Grief Very Real

Psychologist Dr. Vincent Rue, a psychotherapist for more than 30 years and former faculty member at California State University at Los Angeles and San Diego International University ... said regardless of the APA's stance, abortion has devastated the emotional health of men and women. "The APA has missed the boat and has misguided the American public," Rue said. "It is out of touch with reality and the pain and suffering of these very real people." Rue revealed the APA's stance conflicts with a statement from the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Britain cautioning the psychological impact of abortion "remains to be fully resolved."

Abortionist Scrambles Over Injured Patient

Recently, an ambulance arrived at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Lincoln. Cheryl Sullinger of Operation Rescue says the situation was obviously urgent, although the patient's condition is not known. "In fact, it was a situation that was so serious that the abortionist left the abortion clinic [and followed the ambulance to the hospital] and sent [home] four to five women who were waiting for abortions...," Sullinger recounts. "In 1979, he abandoned a baby who was born alive during an abortion and left this baby in a dirty room to die unattended," Sullinger explains.

'BBC Banned Me Because I'm Christian'

The Rev G P Taylor, who has sold millions of books worldwide, claims that a producer at the corporation told him they couldn't be "seen to be promoting Jesus". The author of Shadowmancer, which spent 15 weeks at the top of the British book sales charts in 2003, says that he has been the victim of political correctness that favours minority religions at the expense of Christianity, a claim the BBC denies.