Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Culture Awash in Porn

"Every second, $3,000 is being spent on adult entertainment," Calderon said. "Every 39 minutes, a new adult video is being made in the United States." Former porn actress Shelley Lubben spoke in favor of Calderon's bill, detailing to lawmakers her history of prostitution, drug abuse and sexually transmitted disease while in the industry. "I really don't think the state understands the problem," Lubben said. "It literally took me eight years to recover."

Trilateral Commission: An Elite Deciding Our Fate

Like the philosopher kings of the Platonic Republic who contemplated the realm of Ideas to sow their transcendent wisdom into worldly affairs, the elite of this hardly democratic institution work to define the criteria of international "good government." They are a vehicle of a Platonic ideal of order and control maintained by a privileged class of technocrats who consider their expertise and experience to grant them authority over the profane claims of simple citizens.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Obama-Clinton Float in a German Parade

More Big Brother in the U.K.

More than 10 million people are to have their everyday disputes, their politics and their business lives checked by new "tension monitoring" committees. The committees are to be set up to try to cut the risk of riots or disturbances in the aftermath of terrorist outrages or outbreaks of local racial trouble. They will ask for and file reports on named troublemakers whose political activities are considered to be raising community tensions.

Genetically Modified Human Embryo

News that scientists have for the first time genetically altered a human embryo is drawing fire from some watchdog groups that say it's a step toward creating "designer babies" ... The idea of designer babies is that someday, scientists may insert particular genes into embryos to produce babies with desired traits like intelligence or athletic ability. Some people find that notion repugnant, saying it turns children into designed objects, and would create an unequal society where some people are genetically enriched while others would be considered inferior.

Faith in Politicians Sinks to New Low

It's official - recent polls show that the public's faith in politicians has hit rock bottom. A scant 25% of Canadians expressed respect for those who enter elected office. The next lowest were lawyers, who hit a whopping 44%. This is a sad, but not surprising state of affairs.

Free Speech Is Under Attack

The chief commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission has talked of the need for media to put content through a "human rights filter". She may soon get her wish. The rest of us will be left wondering what happened to freedom of the press, and why we didn't speak up sooner.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Justice Minister Craps Out on Human Rights Issue

In the 18 years since the constitutionality of section 13 was examined in 1990, the Canadian Human Rights Commission has taken a more and more abusive approach to its application, exceeding the narrow permission granted by the Supreme Court eighteen years ago. The government's arguments that hate speech is the precursor to violence -- and that laws banning speech are necessary to prevent violence -- are absurd. They're logically false and they're historically false.

Playboy Loses Money

Adult entertainment publisher Playboy Enterprises Inc posted a quarterly loss on Tuesday because of weaker publishing and domestic television revenue and forecast more trouble during the year, pushing its shares down 8 percent. The worse-than-expected results illustrate the trouble that Playboy and other publishers and television companies face as more people get their entertainment online, and often for free.

U.S. Catholic Colleges Avoiding Pro-Abortion Honorees

After repeatedly getting criticized by conservative Catholics, and after years of pressure from the Vatican and some American bishops, Catholic colleges and universities are now shying away from politicians - especially those who, like Kennedy, Kerry, and Pelosi, support abortion rights - as commencement speakers and honorary degree recipients. Instead, the schools are scrutinizing the public records of potential honorees for evidence of open dissent from key church teachings, especially on abortion, and they are choosing noncontroversial church insiders or nonpolitical figures for their most prominent honors.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Decline of the N.Y. Times

Not so long ago, an estimated 55,000 Canadian trees gave their lives for each Sunday edition of the New York Times ... In the most recent industry figures, released last week, circulation of the doorstopper Sunday Times plummeted another 9.2 per cent in the six months ended March 31, and the Times' weekday numbers slipped another 3.9 per cent. In both cases, the declines were sharper than the industry average.