Friday, July 06, 2007

Where Is the Outrage Over Abortion Deaths?

Planned Parenthood is fond of telling women considering an abortion that, statistically speaking, the procedure is safer than taking an aspirin. The line is just one of several ways California’s biggest abortion business tries to persuade women to end the lives of their unborn babies. But it is far from the truth, and Planned Parenthood knows it. The proof is in their own record of dead or disfigured women who have trusted them – and in the records of state agencies that have inspected Planned Parenthood facilities and found repeated violations of health-care standards.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Gates Invests in Gay Publishing

SEC Filings reveal that Cascade Investment, the trust set up to invest Bill and Melinda Gates's billions, is among a group of investors that has bought a $26.2m (£13m) stake in PlanetOut, the gay lifestyle and publishing group behind Out magazine and

Rosy Economics Disconnected From Reality

Whether in Toronto, Paris, Istanbul, Tokyo or Sydney, ordinary citizens are grappling with a natural environment that is becoming depleted, a growing gap between the rich and poor, skyrocketing chronic disease and heightened stress. Is it any wonder that the rosy economic picture people see in the news often seems disconnected from their everyday reality?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

America's Godly Foundations

There is a reason why the Ten Commandments, Scripture quotations and beautiful artwork depicting biblical scenes are in this country’s Capitol, the Supreme Court and other federal buildings. Our early U.S. Presidents were strong believers in God.

The Martyr of Mosul

As the war has dragged on, life has become hellish for the remaining Christians. Yet they have never resorted to bombings or assassinations. Father Ragheed is neither the first nor last of the Iraqi martyrs. When Pope Benedict gave his speech in Regensburg touching on Islam, Fr. Paulos Iskander was kidnapped and beheaded in retaliation by the “Lions of Islam.” Fr. Joseph Petros was also murdered.

Ted Nugent Decries 'the Summer of Love'

There is a saying that if you can remember the 1960s, you were not there. I was there and remember the decade in vivid, ugly detail. I remember its toxic underbelly excess because I was caught in the vortex of the music revolution that was sweeping the country, and because my radar was fine-tuned thanks to a clean and sober lifestyle.

How a Gay Insider Became Straight

As a leader in the "gay rights" movement, I was given the opportunity to address the public many times. If I could take back some of the things I said, I would. Now I know that homosexuality is lust and pornography wrapped into one. I'll never let anybody try to convince me otherwise, no matter how slick their tongues or how sad their story. I have seen it. I know the truth.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Video: Violent U.S. National Homosexual Network

'I'm Delighted I Failed to Abort My Baby'

For Paula, a wealthy divorcee, this pregnancy has not only changed her life, it has had far-reaching consequences. For it has fundamentally challenged her own views on one of the most contentious issues of our time - that of a woman's right to abortion on demand.

Insiders Will Make a Fortune on Bell Sale

Bell Canada Inc. insiders stand to reap hundreds of millions of dollars in gains from their stock options and other long-term compensation in the proposed sale of the company to a group led by Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan for $42.75 per share. Information in company filings shows that, as of March 31, an unspecified number of Bell employees had 23 million stock options outstanding, with an average strike price of $33, the price employees can pay to buy stock during the life of the options.

'Gay Rights' Leader Quits Homosexuality

He was a rising star in the "gay rights" movement, but Michael Glatze now declares not only has he given up activism – he's no longer a homosexual. Glatze – who had become a frequent media source as founding editor of Young Gay America magazine – tells the story of his transformation in an exclusive column published today by WND. Although Glatze cut himself off from the homosexual community about a year and a half ago, he says the column likely will surprise some people.

Homosexual-Friendly Religious Groups Accused of Apostasy

The president of a pro-family group in California says leaders of religious groups who are using the name of God to try and justify homosexuality are full-blown apostates ... Phil Magnan, president of Biblical Family Advocates, says many religious leaders have total disregard for God's Word. "We've now entered into an era where we're in what I would call full-blown apostasy, where people have embraced sin and have called it good -- and Christ calls us to repentance and not to embrace sin," he says.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Joint Delivers Porno With Pizza

Local entrepreneur Corey Wildeman has launched Porno Pizza, a delivery-only pizza business that places pornography where you would usually find only cardboard - under the pizza. The idea for the business came to Wildeman, 30, while working at other pizza places. "I'm absolutely thrilled with how successful it's been," he said while on a delivery last night.

The Democrat-Republican Political Theatre

It will be a mistake and a mirage for Americans to believe any longer in the Democrat-Republican political theatre, which has been mass packaged by the media for our consumption. These Grammy-winning musicals only exist to play the masses off one another so the globalists, who have dictated the entire top money-tiers of both parties, may forge ahead with their plan to obliterate American sovereignty and crush the peoples beneath their plans for high profits and the global police state.

E.U. Pours $3.8 Billion Into 'Brainwashing' Campaign

The European Union is spending £3.8 billion a year on "propaganda" to win over its sceptical citizens, it is claimed. As well as publishing a plethora of pamphlets and employing an army of public relations staff, the EU has spent hundreds of millions of pounds on teaching aids, school trips and even cartoons.

Floods Are Judgement on Society, Say U.K. Bishops

The floods that have devastated swathes of the country are God's judgment on the immorality and greed of modern society, according to senior Church of England bishops. One diocesan bishop has even claimed that laws that have undermined marriage, including the introduction of pro-gay legislation, have provoked God to act by sending the storms that have left thousands of people homeless.

Stalin's Early Years

(Stalin) had no vocation - at the age of 13 he had read The Origin of Species and lost whatever belief in God he might have had - but as with other poor but clever men such as Talleyrand, the Church was the means of education and advancement.

Creation Museum Has Strong First Month

The controversial $27 million Creation Museum located just outside Cincinnati has made a fairly strong start, boasting 40,000 visitors since its opening on Memorial Day. Counting the 9,000 visitors that pre-visited the museum, which depicts a literal six-day interpretation of creation from the Bible, the founding ministry Answers in Genesis (AiG) is well on its yearly goal of 250,000 guests, already meeting one-fifth of the total target.