Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spiders, Octopuses and Lobsters Could Get Rights

People could be prosecuted for being cruel to pet spiders, octopuses and restaurant lobsters under animal welfare plans being considered by the Government. The Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is investigating whether invertebrates - the family of animals that includes insects, spiders and molluscs - should get the same protection under the law enjoyed by dogs, cats and horses if they are kept in captivity. Ministers are under pressure from animal campaigners, who argue that some invertebrates are capable of feeling pain.

Only One in Six of U.K.'s Richest Men Pays Income Tax

The super-rich are using loopholes to avoid paying £2billion a year in income tax, official figures have revealed. Only one in six of those earning more than £10million a year is paying tax on their earnings - with the rest using loopholes to dodge the burden. The revelation will fuel anger over the private equity tycoons who are making vast fortunes while the gap between rich and poor widens.

A Liberal Explains His Rejection of Same-Sex 'Marriage'

Mr. Blankenhorn cites what he calls the “wafer-thin” definitions of marriage that increasingly turn up in court decisions and polemical articles about same-sex ties: “a unique expression of a private bond and profound love”; “a private arrangement between parties committed to love”; “the exclusive commitment of two individuals to each other” ... But for Mr. Blankenhorn, these definitions miss the point.

University Official in Bondage Sex With 15-Year-Old

A former high-ranking York University administrator has been spared more jail time after being convicted of having sex with a 15-year-old prostitute whom he met through an Internet adult chat line ... Wasser had been introduced to the underage prostitute by a teenaged female pimp he had met on an Internet chat line in 2004.

Iraqi Refugees Pose Huge Problem

Four years after the fall of Saddam Hussein, a new wave of violence and human rights abuses has triggered a huge refugee problem inside and outside Iraq. Iraqis have swelled the ranks of the world's homeless to such an extent the number of international refugees has risen for the first time in five years. About 15% of Iraq's population has fled, says the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Joe Comuzzi to Join Tories

Former Thunder Bay-Superior North Liberal MP Joe Comuzzi has agreed to join the Conservative Party of Canada, The Chronicle-Journal has learned ... Comuzzi has been sitting as an independent since he was thrown out of the Liberal caucus by opposition leader Stephane Dion for pledging to support the Conservative budget on March 21 ... Former Prime Minister Paul Martin accepted Comuzzi‘s resignation from cabinet on June 29, 2005 for opposing same-sex marriage (Bill C-38).

Chinese Anti-Forced-Abortion Activist Beaten

A blind legal activist imprisoned after angering local officials in Shandong province went on a three-day hunger strike this week to protest being beaten while in custody ... Chen Guangcheng, 35, who was sentenced last August to more than four years in prison for damaging property and disrupting traffic, has said he was wrongfully convicted. Last Saturday ... six or seven other inmates pushed him to the floor and beat and kicked him, Chen's wife told his lawyer Li Jinsong after visiting her husband Tuesday.

Europe Faces Demographic Timebomb

Europe is getting old, and fast. The entire continent is in the throes of fundamental and unprecedented changes in its population. The “demographic turning point” poses political, social and economic challenges that are as daunting in their scale as they are pervasive. The repercussions are set to alter every aspect of our lives.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The NAU: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

I will reveal to you the betrayal of the American people by a government cabal who are bent on destroying our sovereignty in order to create a North American Union. The miscreants include many who function at the highest levels in our government. Many hold membership in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission and pursue a subversive agenda. The cabal is deliberately circumventing the U.S. Congress and 'We the People' in blatant violation of our Constitution. Collectively they are committing TREASON.

'Blair Sold His Soul to the Political Devil'

With a barrister's precision and self-control, (Michael Howard) says the Prime Minister was once a good man, but he was prepared 'to sell his soul to the political devil' - by which he means the former spinner in chief, Alastair Campbell. This Faustian pact, says Howard, led to ten years of lies and deceit, the destruction of decent government and the civil service, and the infection of public life.

Journalists' Contributions to Politicians

A CNN reporter gave $500 to John Kerry's campaign the same month he was embedded with the U.S. Army in Iraq. An assistant managing editor at Forbes magazine not only sent $2,000 to Republicans, but also volunteers as a director of an ExxonMobil-funded group that questions global warming. A junior editor at Dow Jones Newswires gave $1,036 to the liberal group and keeps a blog listing "people I don't like," starting with George Bush, Pat Robertson, the Christian Coalition, the NRA and corporate America.

U.S. Mints More 'Godless' Money

It looks like the U.S. Mint has struck again - or not struck again, depending on how you look at it. New dollar coins featuring John Adams are missing edge inscriptions including "In God We Trust," according to the Professional Coin Grading Service, a rare coin authentication company based in Newport Beach, Calif.

China to Destroy Catholic Shrine

The sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel will be dynamited following a government decision that the pilgrimage site is a place of illegal religious activity. The Henan Province government will prevent the annual July 16 pilgrimage, which normally draws 40,000 pilgrims for the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Video: Bayer Sold AIDS-Infested Drugs Overseas

A Million U.K. Children Now Suffer Mental Health Problems

More than a million children have mental health problems, a doubling of the number in a generation, devastating research reveals today. An epidemic of disorders ranging from depression, anxiety and anorexia to violent delinquency has struck one in ten youngsters. Last night experts blamed a damaging mix of family breakdown, junk food diets, marketing, binge-drinking, increasing availability of drugs, sexy images projected by magazines and mounting exam pressure for the trend.

Sadistic and Brutal Video Game Banned From U.K. Sale

A VIOLENT video game developed by an Edinburgh-based company has been banned in the UK - the first time in ten years that a such a game has been refused a classification. The ban applies to Manhunt 2, developed by Scottish company Rockstar North, whose other credits include the controversial Grand Theft Auto series. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) rejected Manhunt 2, a sequel to the 2003 game of the same name, on the grounds of its "casual sadism" and "unrelenting focus on stalking and brutal slaying". The game "constantly encourages visceral killing", it said.

Teen Online Talk Largely About Drugs, Sex

Parents who think their teens' online conversations with peers are innocent may want to reconsider. A new study shows 1 in 10 of their messages discuss drugs or sex. The messages are posted on common online message boards. "'Crunked' is like the cool way of saying 'I got drunk,'" said 19-year-old Lucky O'Donnell. "'Scag' is one of the harder ones to figure out and that's heroin."

Creationists Not Whom You Think They Are

If your picture of creationists is limited to barefoot hillbillies and Republican U.S. presidential candidates, it's time for your thinking to evolve. New polls show that a larger share of Americans - 53 per cent - believe in evolution than do Ontario residents, only 51 per cent of whom believe that "human beings evolved from less advanced life forms over millions of years."

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Plan to 'Disappear' Canada

If the machinations going on in this country regarding so-called "deep integration" were instead a communist conspiracy to take over the country (you will, of course, have to try hard to imagine this) the news media would be blaring the story. Pundits would pontificate, editorialists would erupt, security forces would be unleashed. Instead, a virtual conspiracy to make the country disappear through assimilation into the U.S. gets barely a mention.

Britain Killed Rasputin: Book and Film

Grigori Rasputin, the infamous Siberian mystic, was murdered as part of a British Government plot to depose Tsar Nicholas II and replace him with a malleable Anglophile bisexual, a major new Russian book and film are to claim. In a country that loves a good conspiracy theory, especially if a western power is the conspirator, both are likely to have a significant impact at a time when Britain is once again accused of scheming to weaken and discredit Russia.

'The Secret' Exposed

The Secret, you see, is all about the self—it's for the self, obsessed with the self. Newsweek offers this critique: "On an ethical level, The Secret appears deplorable. It concerns itself almost entirely with a narrow range of middle-class concerns—houses, cars, and vacations, followed by health and relationships, with the rest of humanity a very distant sixth."

Newton Predicted World Will End in 2060

His famously analytical mind worked out the laws of gravity and unravelled the motion of the planets. And when it came to predicting the end of the world, Sir Isaac Newton was just as precise. He believed the Apocalypse would come in 2060 – exactly 1,260 years after the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire, according to a recently published letter.

Pentagon Advisor: Military's Homosexual Ban Should Stand

A Pentagon advisor and national defense analyst says despite pressure from homosexual rights groups for the Pentagon to lift the ban on homosexuals from serving in the military, there's no proof that changing the policy would not harm military readiness.

BBC Guilty of Left-Wing Bias: Report

The BBC is out of touch with large swathes of the public and is guity of self-censoring subjects that the corporation finds unpalatable, an official report has claimed. As part of the report's research the BBC's own controller of editorial policy admitted that people felt that the corporation was guilty of a "bias of omission" by not covering their views.

Woman Smokes Out Gay Clergy

Patricia McKeever does not like to be photographed. She does not like people to know where she lives and prefers to communicate with the outside world by letter or e-mail. But, from the security of her home, the 58-year-old former secondary school teacher has co-ordinated a relentless campaign to name and shame gay Roman Catholic priests. Her newsletter , Catholic Truth, has so far confronted up to a dozen priests about their alleged homosexuality and has named at least four as being gay or allegedly associating with gay men.

Immigration Crisis a 'Diversion' For North American Union

The debate over illegal immigration is a "diversion" to distract Americans from government efforts to enter into a North American Union with Canada and Mexico, in the view of activists protesting in Washington, D.C., on Friday. "The illegal alien problem is a mechanism for leveraging what is yet to come," Daneen Peterson, a researcher who studies the North American Union issue, said at the small rally, which drew about 40 protestors. "Once the civil unrest and chaos caused by the overwhelming human tsunami of illegal aliens and MS-13 gang members reduces America to complete anarchy ... the federal government will institute martial law," Peterson said.

'Pro-Life' Label Does NOT Doom Politicians

Given how the public’s self-identification on abortion has changed, the pro-life label is no longer a disadvantage for candidates seeking public office. In fact, it now carries a net positive appeal in Missouri — and probably in many other states as well ... What we can say with confidence is that there has been a dramatic change in the climate surrounding the abortion issue—and that pro-life candidates should feel more confident in identifying themselves as such.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Secret Plans for an E.U. Superstate

TONY Blair wants to hand the European Union radical new powers in his last act as Prime Minister, it emerged today. The Prime Minister has welcomed controversial plans to bring back the troubled EU constitution by the back door - totally bypassing the need for public referendums on sweeping new powers for Brussels.

Canada Creeping Into Decrepitude

These supposed sexual triumphs also have their downside. "The most important demographic trends affecting Canada's future socio-economic performance," says the report, "are its aging population and its declining population growth ... Without major shifts in policy, our workforce is unlikely to have enough workers; our health-care system will stagger under the increasing demands and costs; and our economic growth potential (and hence our quality of life) will be dragged down."

The Curious Triangle of Maurice Strong, Paul Martin and Javier Solana

In 2003, Paul Edgar Philippe Martin Martin became the Prime Minister of Canada. It was under his watch that Canadian soldiers would be impressed into Javier Solana's European army ... What might the common thread be then and now but “global governance” of which Dr. Solana with the active assistance of the Brookings Institution are now so very much in play? Canada’s former Prime Minister Paul Martin was mentored by Maurice Strong. Paul Martin and Maurice Strong remain close. Both are obviously "initiate" in the occult mysteries.

Is This How Royalty Should Act?

RAMPANT Prince Harry lured a blonde barmaid into bed after a night of shame at a sleazy club. The randy royal rebel CAVORTED in front of curvy Katherine Smith dressed in a blue and orange sarong before WHIPPING OFF his boxer shorts and SPANKING her bottom.