Saturday, March 17, 2007

Boy Gets Proper Burial For His Stillborn Sister

About 15 adults were on hand Thursday to witness the event that Roger had dreamed of offering his infant sister — a proper burial at a cemetery near his home, complete with a tombstone bearing the name he had given her. Although the Hockley fifth-grader's wish might seem basic in the name of all that is decent, his story is anything but ordinary.

Elton John Could Turn Us Gay: Archdeacon

Church leaders are trying to ban Sir Elton John from their Caribbean island because he is gay. The star is due to play at Plymouth Jazz Festival in Tobago next month, but church authorities say his presence might tempt local people to become homosexual. Philip Isaac, Archdeacon of Trinidad and Tobago, said Elton's lifestyle failed to conform to Biblical teaching.

Polish Teachers Pushing Homosexuality Will Be Fired

Teachers deemed to be promoting "homosexual culture" in Polish schools will be fired, the deputy education minister said Thursday ... "There is no place for the promotion of homosexual culture" in Polish schools, Orzechowski, who has a key role in drawing up a new education law aimed at banning what his party called "homosexual propaganda" in schools, told the all-news station TVN24.

Pornographic 'Religious' Pictures of Christ

The head of Extremadura’s regional government was forced to apologise on Wednesday over a book containing ‘pornographic’ pictures of Jesus Christ. The book, published by the Regional Editora of Extremena (ERE) which is run by authorities in Extremadura, contains images of Christ and other religious figures in sexual poses.

Rosie DiManno Gets Kicked Out of Tory Training Session

Tribe Tory threatened to arrest me yesterday. Leave! Leave! Leave! Delighted, I waited and waited but the cops never showed up – probably too busy with that law-and-order agenda beloved by the Conservatives to bother forcibly removing a reporter from the Toronto Congress Centre.

Exhibit Reveals Eugenics' Deadly History

The idea behind eugenics - improving a population's health through genetics - was hardly unique to Germany, as shown by a traveling exhibit developed by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., and on display at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh ... The exhibit also looks at eugenics in other countries, including Norway, Spain, Brazil, Japan and the United States, where nearly 300 "eugenic sterilizations" were done at Mendocino State Hospital between 1909 and 1935.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Anti-Feminist Revolution in Germany

A new wave of anti-feminism is taking hold of Germany. Former career women-turned-housewives are spreading the word about a "new femininity" which encourages women to stay at home and embrace motherhood.

Homosexuals Castrate Each Other

Richard Peter “Master Rick” Sciara and his partner of 20 years, Michael Mendez, both pleaded guilty to felony castration without malice and felony maiming without malice. The man Sciara and Mendez called their slave, Danny Carroll Reeves, also pleaded guilty to the charges ... In a search of the Peace Mountain Road home, investigators said they found evidence including a scrotum and a testicle kept in a freezer.

Bill Clinton Has Kept on Womanizing: Book

Tyrrell claims that Bill Clinton has continued to womanize since he left office in 2001. “During Clinton’s retirement there have been other ladies, though most, according to my sources, have been one-night stands with hostesses on Clinton’s speaking tours,” Tyrrell writes. “Some of these girl-hops, sources report, took place in Ireland, France, Australia, Taiwan, Rio, and London.”

An ADQ Minority Government? (French)

Le PLQ, le PQ et l'ADQ auraient tous les trois pu remporter l'élection si elle s'était tenue au lendemain du débat. Jamais la lutte n'a été aussi serrée au Québec. La seule certitude est que les Québécois auraient élu un gouvernement minoritaire.

Dion Eschews Democracy Again

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion has appointed former leadership hopeful Martha Hall Findlay as his party's candidate in the Toronto riding of Willowdale ... Joanne Pratt, president of the Willowdale Liberal riding association, said her organization voted overwhelmingly to ask Dion to name Hall Findlay as the candidate.

We Need More Babies

Canada's census figures came out this week to much chest thumping from politicians, commentators and others. As usual, most of the mainstream media and government analysts missed the key point, which is this - Canada's census numbers add up to impending social disaster.

Quebec Planning All-Out Pro-Gay Assault

A report issued at the behest of the provincial government of Quebec directs the government to fight homopshobia and heterosexism in every sphere of public life and especially in schools. Quebec's Justice minister asked the Quebec Human Rights Commission to create a task force in 2005, and that group has published its report called "From legal equality to social equality: toward a national strategy to fight against homophobia."

Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Evidence of Our 'Healthy,' Liberal Society

Forty-nine percent of U.S. college students indulge each month in binge drinking or drug use, abusing them at rates far higher than in the general population, according to a report. About 1.8 million students met the medical criteria for substance abuse or dependence in 2005, 2 1/2 times the national level, as they sought to relieve stress, improve mood or enhance performance.

Step Right Up and Order Your $1,000 Pizza

We've been dealing with the pocket-emptying effects of rising gas prices, new electric rates, and an increase in cab fare, but how would you feel about breaking the bank all for ... a pizza? Now you can find out thanks to Manhattan restauranteur Nino Selimaj, who has apparently brought from the heavens a real "pie in the sky" with his new $1,000 pizza. Yep, that'll be $1,000 please.

Web Censorship Spreading Globally

Internet censorship is spreading rapidly, being practised by about two dozen countries and applied to a far wider range of online information and applications, according to research by a transatlantic group of academics ... A recent six-month investigation into whether 40 countries use censorship shows the practice is spreading, with new countries learning from experienced practitioners such as China and benefiting from technological improvements.

How the U.S. Right Went Wrong

(Conservatives) are handcuffed to a political party that looks unsettlingly like the Democrats did in the 1980s, one that is more a collection of interest groups than ideas, recognizable more by its campaign tactics than its philosophy. The principles that propelled the movement have either run their course, or run aground or been abandoned by Reagan's legatees. Government is not only bigger and more expensive than it was when George W. Bush took office, but its reach is also longer, thanks to the broad new powers it has claimed as necessary to protect the homeland.

An Alarming Scale of Wrongdoing in the RCMP

There's something unsettling in the words of a story earlier this week from Sun Media's Parliamentary bureau about wrongdoing on an alarming scale within the RCMP ... In the past two years, more than 100 RCMP officers across Canada have been found guilty of misconduct for offences ranging from having sex in a cop car and surfing Internet porn on the job to drunk driving, sexual assault and abusing prisoners.

Parents Banned From Their Kids' Pro-Gay Seminar

Administrators at North Newton High School in Newton, Mass., have held a seminar for students that explained how to know they are homosexual, but banned parents from attending. "It's absolutely insane," parent Brian Camenker, who also is chief of the Mass Resistance organization, said. "I met with the principal. She told me no parents are allowed. She said only by invitation. I asked, 'Can I be invited.' She said, 'No.'"

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Sexualization of Girls

Children have been "scientifically" sexualized since Kinsey's 1948 "Male" report, and pornographically since Playboy's earliest 1954 cartoons ... Still, the elite feign surprise when Ivy League co-eds strip for attention; when mass media "sexualizes" girls and women; when our sex crime rate rivals our male impotence rate; and when governors force little girls to be vaccinated for adult venereal diseases. Like Rieff said, our elites are educated to "bring down the roof of civilization."

Lesbian Couple 'Married' in Canada Denied Communion

A lesbian couple who were married in Canada have been told they can't receive communion at the church they've attended since 1998, in part because they publicly opposed a bill that would have barred Wyoming from recognizing gay marriages.

Filthy Abortuary Conditions Detailed

State health inspectors found dirt, debris and opened packs of sterilized items at an abortion clinic in Bergen County that they ordered closed last month. Reports obtained by The Record of Bergen County show inspectors uncovered forceps encrusted in "brownish blood-like residues," rusty crochet hooks and a quarter-inch of dark red "dirt and debris" under an exam table.

Do We All Have a Dark Side?

In his new book, The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil (Random House, $27.95), Zimbardo argues: Nearly everyone would treat others viciously or look the other way at abuse under certain conditions, such as those in the Stanford experiment and at Abu Ghraib. So-called inner character seldom survives if familiar social guideposts, such as family and normal routines, fall away. Few people will challenge a widely accepted injustice.

No Doubt About It, the Catholic Church Is In Crisis

No doubt about it, the Church is in crisis. We have been logging all that. There is the continuing crisis with abuse (most recently the claim by a news anchor from CNN that as a boy he was a victim); there is the aridity in too many celebrations of the Mass, which has been intellectualized; there is the infiltration of elements that one could categorize as New Age.

Canada's Population 'Growth' to Be All Immigrant-Driven

Immigration is fuelling two-thirds of Canada's population growth and will likely become the only source of gains by 2030, according to a national census snapshot released yesterday.

More Question Marks Surrounding Lotteries

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is facing new allegations that fraudulent wins by lottery ticket sellers may be more widespread than it is willing to admit, including a $12.5-million jackpot that was awarded despite the suspicions of internal investigators.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Video: The Drugging of Our Children

Despite these dangers, many school systems actually work with government agencies to force parents to drug their children, threatening those who refuse with the prospect of having their children taken from the home unless they co-operate.

Chinese Move Could Change World Financial Flow

China is creating an investment company to make more profitable use of its US$1 trillion in foreign currency reserves, the finance minister said Friday, in a move that could change the flow of billions of dollars in global markets.

How Nelson Mandela Brought Crime and Murder to South Africa

Over the years, as I have watched and analysed the ANC's actions, I have come to the conclusion that crime and the ANC go together. There should be no mystery about the fact that we are flooded with crime. The crime did not happen by accident. My thesis which I will present to you is this: The Explosion of Crime in South Africa runs directly parallel with the growth, influence and power of Nelson Mandela's (ANC) African National Congress.

Propaganda and the Politics of Perception

War propaganda glorifies military indoctrination as the highest form of patriotism while simultaneously demonizing the enemies of the state. Adolf Hitler realized the power of propaganda to mould and shape public opinion. Hitler wrote a highly informed essay on the powers of propaganda in his political autobiography, Mein Kampf. Modern governments employ propaganda to incite public outcries for war in order to advance their agendas in foreign policy.

'All Is Lost,' Says Financial Analyst

I fear we've lost the game. The insiders have won. They now control all the levers of power, financial & political. Many good men in public office are prohibited by the system from reforming it ... Commercial, media & political power is concentrated in just a few elite hands.

White Males Need Not Apply

The Richmond fire department just outside Vancouver is evidently committing controversy again ... Leaked documents state that for the next five years, it will consider hiring only women and minority males. This in an effort to create some balance in a department that now comprises 191 male firefighters. Eight are minorities. No women. And, in a community with a high Chinese population, there are no Chinese firefighters. But if the proposed policy goes into effect, no white males need apply. For five years.

Canada's Native-Born Population Barely Grows in Five Years

Canada's native-born population, meanwhile, grew by only a fraction between 2001 and 2006. If current trends continue, Canada could get to the point where immigration will become the only source of growth.

Monday, March 12, 2007

World Must Protect Darfur Civilians: UN

United Nations human rights team on Monday said the world has an urgent obligation to protect civilians in Darfur from war crimes and crimes against humanity in which the Sudanese government is playing a major role. The team, headed by Nobel peace laureate Jody Williams, said Sudan's government "has manifestly failed to protect the population of Darfur from large-scale international crimes, and has itself orchestrated and participated in these crimes."

More Couples Seeking Separate Bedrooms

More and more couples in the US are ordering separate master bedrooms in their new homes to help ensure a more harmonious marriage, research suggests. A survey by the National Association of Home Builders has predicted that by 2015, 60% of custom-built homes will have two master bedroom suites.

'Tomb' Documentary a Titanic Flop

This past week, the Canadian television premiere of The Lost Tomb of Jesus aired and, despite all the pre-show hype, it was a titanic flop. Sometimes, no matter how hard people try, blaspheming Jesus just won't bring in millions of dollars or even a lot of buzz.

Shock Admission By Top U.S. Generals

In Vietnam, the US was eventually defeated by a well-armed, closely directed and highly militarised society that had tanks, armoured vehicles and sources of both military production and outside procurement. What is more devastating now is that the world's only superpower is in danger of being driven back by a few tens of thousands of lightly armed irregulars, who have developed tactics capable of destroying multimillion-dollar vehicles and aircraft.