Saturday, November 25, 2006

Baby Offered for Sale on the Internet

San Diego police yesterday started an investigation into a case of possible child endangerment after receiving tips from two concerned people regarding a posting on Craigslist, the online classified-ad service, that purported to offer a free baby to a good home. “The copy of the ad sent to us shows a picture of a baby,” San Diego police Sgt. Jim Schorr said. “We immediately contacted our child-abuse detectives in an attempt to find out if this was some kind of hoax. We are taking this very seriously.”

Animal Activists Target Church

The Rev. Jason Armstrong was confused by an e-mail this week from PETA, which admonished him for subjecting animals "to cruel treatment and danger," by forcing them into roles in the church's annual manger scene ... Jackie Vergerio, PETA's captive animals in entertainment specialist, said her organization tracks churches nationwide that use real animals in "living nativity scenes."

Pro-Abortion Fanatics Threaten MP

A British Member of Parliament needed to call upon security after abortion activists sent her death threats for proposing to reduce the legal age for abortion from 24 to 21 weeks according to the Bedford News. “My staff have been told they will burn in hell, my home has been besieged by anonymous telephone calls, extremist groups have sent out inflammatory messages to their members,” said Conservative MP Nadine Dorries of Mid Bedfordshire. “It got so bad that we had to alert House of Commons security and my constituency police.”

British Airlines Backs Down About Cross

Faced with the possible sale of the church's £10.25m shares in British Airways and the lingering possibility of a boycott, the nation's flag carrier suddenly announced a review of its 34-page uniform policy, saying that it had been "unfairly accused" of being anti-Christian. Dr Williams spoke with fervour, declaring that, if the airline felt the cross was a source of offence, then he himself would find that "deeply offensive."

Christmas Is Back at U.S. Retail Stores

"We've learned our lesson," said Wal-Mart spokeswoman Marisa Bluestone. "This year, we're not afraid to say, 'Merry Christmas.'" Neither are Walgreens, Target, Macy's, Kmart and Kohl's, among others. In interviews this week, spokesmen from those major retailers said that their stores acknowledge the Christmas holiday, hoping to avoid a repeat of last year's backlash led by conservative Christian groups.

Justin Trudeau: Airhead or Future Head?

Some who like him say he has his mother's warmth and his father's drive; some who do not like him say he got his mother's brains and his father's arrogance. Everyone, on the other hand, seems to have an opinion. Victorious or vacuous? Airhead or future head?

Liberalism's Dirty Little Secret

Tom Axworthy, a former top advisor to Pierre Trudeau, says there is an "implementation gap" between what Liberal governments promise and what they deliver. "Liberalism's dirty secret [and it is not so secret these days] is that government doesn't seem to work well much of the time," he says.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Giving Thanks for Christian Evangelicals

As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, they might add to the list of things for which they are grateful: Christian evangelicals. No, I'm not kidding ... Anyone familiar with the history of social justice knows that evangelicals, as well as others of different faiths, have led many of the causes that progressives today claim as their turf.

Religion Is Simply Who We, As Humans, Are

In the last few weeks there have been several attacks on religion and all its pomp and works ... Mr. Hitchens delights in turning conventional thinking upside down, but to inhabit his world is to truly stand on your head, where up is down and holiness is wicked. It is a fun game to play for undergraduates of all ages, but hardly worthy of grown-up thinkers.

Radioactive Waste to Be Dumped Into Ottawa River?

An environmental group says a technology company could soon be dumping increased levels of radioactive waste into the Ottawa River at Pembroke, Ont. - with the blessing of federal regulators. The Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility says the tritium waste SRB Technologies creates in making glow-in-the-dark products like exit signs has in the past exceeded that produced by all the country's nuclear plants combined.

New Research Raises Questions on RFK and JFK Assassinations

Working through an exhaustive analysis of videotapes made at the Ambassador Hotel on the night of RFK’s assassination, O’Sullivan identified three figures as former agents of the CIA. Two of the agents O’Sullivan identified could be seen moving away from the hotel pantry shortly after the shooting of RFK.

Company Denies Generic Medicines to Poor

Bern Declaration and Oxfam International campaigners organized a stunt in front of Novartis Headquarter in Basel, Switzerland to denounce the company’s attempt to prevent poor people in India and in other developing countries accessing affordable generic medicines. The Novartis case against the Indian government will have huge impact on poor people in developing countries ... Generic competition is essential in bringing the prices down and ensuring access to medicines for all.

So Much For the Condom Approach to AIDS Control

Health officials on Tuesday reacted to a report from UNAIDS and the World Health Organization showing that the number of people living with HIV/AIDS over the past two years has increased and that the worldwide total now stands at nearly 40 million, the New York Times reports (Altman, New York Times, 11/22). The report, titled "AIDS Epidemic Update: December 2006," estimates that 4.3 million new HIV infections occurred worldwide this year and that about 2.9 million people died of AIDS-related illnesses.

How Food Giants Use Dirty Tricks to Target Children

A report yesterday from the consumer organisation Which? found that a dozen multinationals had been using up to 20 different marketing ploys to push unhealthy products. Some companies bypassed parental control by using new technology such as viral marketing campaigns which encourage children to e-mail each other cartoons or spoof adverts with a brand message. Others offered free toys or ran promotional tie-ins with popular children's films.

U.S. Troops Taunt Thirsty Iraqi Kids

A video showing U.S. soldiers in Iraq taunting thirsty children with a bottle of water has caused outrage. The footage shows a group of children desperately chasing a truck so they can get a drink.

Putin's Secret Weapon

President Vladimir Putin came to the conclusion three years ago that Russia was sitting on a secret weapon more powerful than all its military might. Ownership of 30% of the world's gas supply and being the second-biggest oil producer has given him a new and powerful economic bargaining counter. And the former KGB officer has shown that he intends to use these resources to restore pride in Russia, which suffered in the years after the downfall of communism.

China Bought U.S. Stealth Bomber Secrets

A Hawaii-based spy ring sold secret U.S. stealth bomber technology to China. According to the Washington Times, the technology relates to the B-2 bomber's engine exhaust system and its ability to avoid detection by infrared sensors. The Times reports that the information was sold to Chinese officials by former defense contractor Noshir S. Gowadia, an Indian-born citizen charged with spying in a federal indictment released by prosecutors in Hawaii.

GPS Surveillance Creeps Into Daily Life

For $5.99 per month, you can turn a cell phone into a surveillance device and track when your target leaves home, where he or she travels and at what speed. You can even detect how much battery power is left on the phone. Marketed as "virtual eyes" on your kids or employees, the service also allows you to construct a virtual "fence" so that you can receive electronic alerts if the phone’s carrier crosses into forbidden areas.

Fraudulent Researcher Wants to Resume Cloning Efforts

Korea's discredited stem cell scientist Hwang Woo-suk hopes to regain his old glory in cloning research. He has timed his comeback to coincide with the anniversary of arguably the world¡¯s most notorious scientific scandal.

Pro-Life Organization's Office Targeted

Operation Rescue's national office in Wichita, Kansas, was broken into on Thanksgiving Day. OR's office manager, Brenna Sullenger, received notification shortly before 1 PM from the security company that an alarm had been activated and that police had been dispatched. Upon arriving at the office, Brenna found police on the scene. The perpetrator had apparently kicked in the door of the office and then fled when the alarms sounded.

85% of San Franciscans Aren't Gay

The study by the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles, said that 15.4 percent of adult San Francisco residents consider themselves to be homosexual, lesbian or bisexual. San Francisco ranks No. 1, Oakland (12.1 percent) No. 6, Sacramento (9.8) No. 7 and Long Beach (8.1) No. 10.

'Intolerant' Attempts to Restrict Christianity at Universities

Some of Britain’s most senior religious figures call today for an end to “intolerant and unlawful” attempts to restrict the rights of Christian Unions on university campuses. In a letter to The Times, eight Church of England and Roman Catholic bishops, as well as Lord Carey of Clifton, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, are among those who urge student associations and university authorities to take action to halt the alleged discrimination.

Iraq Meltdown Continues

Shiite militiamen doused six Sunni Arabs with kerosene and burned them alive as Iraqi soldiers stood by, and killed 19 other Sunnis in attacks on their mosques Friday, taking revenge for the slaughter of at least 215 Shiites in the Sadr City slum the day before.

Russian Bill May Give Husbands Veto Over Abortion

State Duma deputies will consider a bill barring a wife from having an abortion without her husband's consent. "Above all, the bill is based on the concept of parental equality," its author, Alexander Krutov of the nationalist Rodina party, said Thursday. "The decision to give birth to or murder a baby is an enormous one and it should be made by the parents together," he said.

Morton Proving to Be a Serious Challenger

Dinning, the province's former treasurer, garnered the support of 21 per cent of those surveyed. Calgary-area MLA Morton appears to have emerged as his most serious challenger - snaring 18 per cent support.

Maple Leafs Prop Up Gay Movie

What makes this movie even more unique is that the NHL and the Maple Leafs — part of a sport where no player has ever come out of the closet — have given the filmmakers their blessing to use their logos and uniforms. The Leafs have even agreed to let them do some filming with them at the end of a practice next month.

Canadian Aid Continues to Flow to Brutal Chinese Regime

CIDA kept a very low profile this month when it quietly decided to give a further $9.3-million in financial support to a Chinese government advisory group. It issued no press release and courted no publicity.

Massive Fraud in Government

Alberta's auditor general released a damning report Thursday documenting repeated sloppiness and fraudulent activity in government, including the case of a senior bureaucrat with the anti-addictions unit stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund his own gambling problem.

'Anything Goes' in Parliament These Days

Apparently almost anything goes in Parliament these days, including making obscene gestures to your opponents. Conservative MP Daniel Petit from Quebec was caught on camera Wednesday giving the finger to somebody in the House of Commons during question period.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Scientists Say Genetic Discovery Will 'Change Human Understanding'

Scientists have discovered a dramatic variation in the genetic make-up of humans that could lead to a fundamental reappraisal of what causes incurable diseases and could provide a greater understanding of mankind. The discovery has astonished scientists studying the human genome - the genetic recipe of man. Until now it was believed the variation between people was due largely to differences in the sequences of the individual "letters" of the genome. It now appears much of the variation is explained instead by people having multiple copies of some key genes that make up the human genome.

Not a Good Move - Kissinger to Serve As Papal Adviser?

Over the course of his long and controversial career, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has had many titles. Now he reportedly has one more — adviser to the Pope. According to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Pope Benedict XVI has invited the 83-year-old former adviser to Richard Nixon to be a political consultant, and Kissinger has accepted.

Darfur Close to the Abyss

The crisis in Darfur was "closer to the abyss than I have witnessed since my first visit in 2004", Mr Egeland said. "I return with a plea from beleaguered Darfurians for immediate action to finally stop the atrocities against them," he said.

Morton Tory Leadership Campaign Showing Surprising Strength

Morton is running a very good campaign. He is smart, articulate and has managed to set himself apart from the other candidates as the most socially conservative of the bunch. That has attracted supporters and volunteers who are happily working away in his Calgary headquarters making calls and licking envelopes.

Province Won't Help Keep Dying Woman Alive

The Tory government isn’t going to help pay for the drugs that are keeping Irene Larkin alive. The terminally-ill Halifax woman who has a rare form of leukemia and multiple autoimmune disorders learned Wednesday she doesn’t qualify for the extended Pharmacare program offered by the Community Services Department because she and her husband are over the income threshold.

Scandals Still Dog the Grits

As federal Liberals attempt to give their party a fresh face with a new leader, a national public opinion poll suggests large numbers of Canadian voters are not yet ready to forgive and forget the Grits' scandal-plagued past. An SES Research survey conducted this month for Sun Media found that even among Canadians who voted Liberal in the last election, almost half still describe their party of choice as "arrogant" and "corrupt."

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Video: The CIA's War on the Third World

View the webcast of John Stockwell's presentation on the CIA's secret war. John Stockwell is an ex-CIA official. His speech focuses on America's war on the people of the Third World. "We are not attacking our enemy, we are attacking the Third World."

How Multinational Corporations Avoid Paying Taxes

Drug companies and other multinational companies based in the U.S. systematically avoid paying tax in the U.S. on their profits. The companies elect to realize profits in low-tax countries and because of this the rest of us have to pay billions of unnecessary taxes to make up for the shortfall, writes Peter Rost, an ex-pharmaceutical executive.

Wal-Mart 'Still in Bed With Homosexuality'

Wal-Mart is still a "corporate member" of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and will continue a financial stake in promoting the radical homosexual agenda. Wal-Mart still dispenses the "Plan B" abortion pill that kills unborn children. Wal-Mart has not issued an apology for its actions. Wal-Mart has not fired its homosexual marketing agency. Wal-Mart has not removed the many filthy books for sale on its website.

High Muslim Birthrate Worries Russia

Low domestic birthrates and rising immigration from the former Soviet republics are producing explosive growth in Russia's Muslim community, which is on a track to account for more than half the population by midcentury. "Russia is going through a religious transformation that will be of even greater consequence for the international community than the collapse of the Soviet Union," said Paul Goble, a specialist on Islam in Russia and research associate at the University of Tartu in Estonia.

New Episcopal Bishop Shows Bankruptcy of 'Religious Left'

While deriding Christian conservatives for their alleged “intolerance,” “ignorance” and “fanaticism,” the religious leftists manage to turn off most religious believers of even moderate outlook with their own displays of arrogance and radicalism, and their smug dismissal of traditional values. The controversial new leader of the Episcopal Church in the United States provided a prime example of these alienating attitudes in a startling interview in the New York Times Magazine on November 19th with Deborah Solomon.

Christian Conservatives at Odds With Liberal R.I. University

Leaders of a conservative Christian student fellowship suspended from using campus resources at Brown University are wondering whether they were singled out for their beliefs and are pressing school officials to explain the punishment. Brown University has not publicly explained why it suspended the Reformed University Fellowship, which is allied with the conservative Presbyterian Church in America, as an official student group, except to say the group failed to follow university guidelines.

Chile Rejects Abortion

Chile's National Congress, the lower house of the legislature, rejected on Tuesday a bill to partially legalize abortion presented by ruling party deputies. Congress leader Antonio Leal described the bill as unconstitutional, which aimed to make abortion legal during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy with the mother's consent, when the pregnancy put the mother's life at risk or in cases of rape. Leal's opinion was backed by the majority in Congress, who voted 61-21 not to discuss the bill.

Wal-Mart Backs Off Support for Gay Causes

The American Family Association, which had been asking supporters to stay away from Wal-Mart on Friday and Saturday — two of the busiest shopping days of the year — said it was pleased by a statement the company issued Tuesday. While stressing its commitment to diversity and equality, Wal-Mart said in its statement that it “will not make corporate contributions to support or oppose highly controversial issues unless they directly relate to our ability to serve our customers.”

Canada Issuing 'Organ Visas' to Donors

Concerns are being raised about the global recruiting of live organ donors who are being fast-tracked to this country to save ailing Canadians, says an immigration policy analyst who sounded the alarm this week. Canadian embassies worldwide have been issued guidelines on how to process potential immigrants seeking "organ visas," in which they're allowed to travel here to donate body parts -- like a kidney or liver -- to pre-screened Canucks.

Canada's Tyrannical Tax Agency

A Canadian businessman who paid his taxes several days before they were due was slapped with a hefty $287,000 penalty because he remitted the cheque to a tax office instead of a bank. Documents obtained by Sun Media show the Canada Revenue Agency punished the taxpayer with a 10% fine and warned him to pay up immediately or face potential "legal action being taken without further notice."

Soldiers Used as Guinea Pigs for Chemical Warfare Tests

200 Canadian soldiers volunteered to have mustard gas sprayed on their arms that had been coated with "barrier creams," concoctions the British Army was trying to develop to protect troops in the field from mustard gas attacks ... Canada conducted tests that were similar to those at Porton Down. The Canadian tests also used volunteer soldiers and were performed at a laboratory in Ottawa and at CFB Suffield, Alta. The soldiers were paid one dollar a day to be guinea pigs for the chemical warfare agent tests.

Income Splitting Is About Fairness

This isn't about bribing mothers to stay home, nor is it one of those social-engineering Tory tax credits aimed at rewarding one type of behaviour or another. The fundamental case for income splitting is one of fairness.

Harper Right to Rap China on Rights

China harasses expatriates when occasion presents, and tries to poison the well for Falun Gong supporters, whose crime is their growing popularity within China and their belief that meditation, compassion and humanity will produce a better world. Harper has been pretty restrained. He could have mentioned China’s money-grabbing penchant for selling human organs to those desperate and with money. Former MP David Kilgour and human rights lawyer David Matas have complied massive evidence that Falun Gong prisoners have been used as a source for transplant kidneys, hearts, livers, corneas — something Harper hasn’t touched.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What's This? Spielberg Calls for 'Responsible TV'

Steven Spielberg urged TV networks to be mindful of what they show on the air because of the effect it might have on children, and said programs like "CSI" and "Heroes" were too gruesome. "Today we are needing to be as responsible as we can possibly be, not just thinking of our own children but our friends' and neighbors' children," Spielberg told an audience Monday at the International Emmys board of directors meeting here.

U.S. Out-of-Wedlock Births Hit All-Time High

Out-of-wedlock births in the United States have climbed to an all-time high, accounting for nearly four in 10 babies born last year, government health officials said Tuesday. While out-of-wedlock births have long been associated with teen mothers, the teen birth rate actually dropped last year to the lowest level on record. Instead, births among unwed mothers rose most dramatically among women in their 20s.

Rabbi Warns U.S. Bishops on Homosexuality

If you signal, by your vote, that you accept the basic assumptions that underlie the homosexual propaganda machine—that homosexuality is a “no fault” condition, and that it cannot be cured, then you will have given the green light to the homosexual militants, and provided them with the weapons they need to impose gay marriage and the whole homosexual agenda on the American people. This would be a stab in the back against all those good family-values people—Catholics, Jews, and Moslems—who seek to protect our society—especially innocent children—from the depredations of aggressive homosexual radicals.

Liberal Professor Targeted Me: Christian Student

A Christian social work student who took Missouri State University to court after a liberal professor targeted her for refusing to lobby for homosexual adoption said Thursday she and the teacher had clashed over her beliefs from day one. Emily Brooker was vindicated when the university agreed to an out-of-court settlement, and the professor was disciplined.

Condoms Were Supposed to Arrest the AIDS Epidemic

The global HIV epidemic is growing, leaving an estimated 39.5 million people worldwide infected with the deadly virus, the United Nations said Tuesday. AIDS has claimed 2.9 million lives this year and another 4.3 million people became infected with HIV, according to the UN's AIDS epidemic update report, published on Tuesday. Spread of the disease was most noticeable in East Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Have an Abortion, But Woe If You Spank Your Kid

The president of UNICEF Canada is calling on the federal government to take action on violence against children in this country and rewrite the section of the Criminal Code that allows parents to spank their children. Nigel Fisher said yesterday that 14 countries agree no violence should be permitted against children and Canada should follow their example.

Look Who Would Get to Vote in Liberal Leadership Contest

At least two cats and a deceased grandmother became full-fledged federal Liberal Party members, obtaining the right to vote in the delegate selection process to determine who will attend next week's convention to decide the next party leader. A Quebec City radio host, Dominic Maurais, went on the party's website and registered his cats "Léo Maurais" and "Pirate St-Pierre" as well as his grandmother, Germaine Branchaud, who died four years ago.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Justin Trudeau: Pity Me, I'm Famous

In recent weeks, Justin Trudeau has upgraded his status from minor annoyance to major national pest. He's become a public brooder, one of those people who share their ego problems with TV viewers and newspaper readers. He's like a movie star agonizing over career problems. This process carries the risk of exposing powerful but rarely justified feelings of self-importance.

Spying on Cellphone Calls Is 'Child's Play'

It now appears that the compromised phone, unbeknownst to the user, simply creates a three way conference call with the attacker for every call made and received. Scary! German security company, SecurStar, claimed to have uncovered the first serious threat to the security of cellphone conversations, saying that "Simply by sending an invisible and unnoticeable SMS message to a particular cellphone, spying on cell phone users has become child's play."

N.Y. State Policy: Abusive Men Are Incorrigible

The state Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence forbids any state-funded batterers programs from trying to rehabilitate abusers. Anger management? Prohibited. Alcohol or drug counseling? Forbidden. Mental health therapy? Can't do it. It didn't used to be that way. The state switched about seven years ago to a philosophy that allows only what amounts to finger-wagging in the 26-week programs it funds. Instructors can only tell the abusers they were wrong and why.

Milk, rBST and Monsanto's Rats

But U.S. milk producers and agricultural officials continue to say Monsanto's Posilac, which has been used unlabeled in much of the U.S. public milk supply since 1994, is safe. Even as they jump all over each other to ban it.

Biometric Scanning Used by Millions of Consumers

More than 3.3 million consumers now use biometric technology to pay for their purchases at several U.S. retailers, reports Parade Magazine ... "Customers at several retailers can now literally pay by touch," says the magazine in its Nov. 12, 2006 issue. "By placing their finger on a scanner at the checkout and entering their home phone number, these tech-savvy shoppers can deduct the cost of a carton of milk directly from a bank account or credit card." Such futuristic technology, often relegated to scenes in high-tech thrillers or science fiction novels, is available now.

University Bans 'Gay Cure' Abstinence Course

CHRISTIAN leaders have condemned Edinburgh University for banning students belonging to the Christian Union from teaching an abstinence course on campus. The row centres on the decision by university chiefs that literature promoting the six-week course, entitled Pure, broke equality and diversity rules, following claims that it included stories from people who had been "cured" of their homosexuality.

Democrat Addresses Homosexual Leadership

At the conference run by the nonpartisan Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute, Democrats dominated the crowd of nearly 200. Congratulatory back-slapping was frequent in Dean's speech and during a luncheon panel led by Barney Frank, a homosexual Massachusetts congressman. Beside the Democratic wins, at least 67 openly gay politicians backed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund won election during this election cycle, including 37 nonincumbents.

U.S. First: Same-Sex 'Divorce'

A Tulsa County judge granted a divorce to a same-sex couple on Monday but says he only discovered Thursday that both people involved were women. Because same-sex marriages aren't legal in Oklahoma, the same-sex divorce could end up being set aside.

Rick Warren Invites Obama's 'Evil'

Rick Warren, the best selling author of "The Purpose Driven Life" and senior teaching pastor at Saddleback Church in California, has invited Sen. Barack Obama to speak to the congregation of the faithful on Dec. 1, 2006. In doing so, he has joined himself with one of the smoothest politicians of our times, and also one whose wickedness in worldview contradicts nearly every tenet of the Christian faith that Warren professes. So the question is "why?"

Rick Warren's Questionable Trip to Syria

Rick Warren, the superstar mega-church pastor and bestselling author of "The Purpose Driven Life," ... went to Syria and could find no persecution of Christians. He could find no persecution of Jews. He could find no evidence of extremism. He could find no evidence of the sponsorship of terrorism. Despite the temporary loss of vision that prevented him from seeing any evil in the totalitarian police state, Warren's hearing was apparently not affected – for his ears were tickled by what he heard and apparently accepted lock, stock and barrel from the second-generation dictator, Bashar Assad, and his state-approved mufti.

Gay Marriage Galvanizes Canada’s Right

Today across the country, the gay marriage issue and Mr. Harper’s election have galvanized conservative Christian groups to enter politics like never before. Before now, the Christian right was not a political force in this mostly secular, liberal country. But it is coalescing with new clout and credibility, similar to the evangelical Christian movement in the United States in the 1980s, though not nearly on the same scale.

College Professors More Secular Than General Population

College professors aren't all godless heathens, but they are more secular than the general population, according to a new study. And the more elite the school, the more secular the professors are likely to be.

Studio Gets Religious Education With 'Nativity Story'

New Line's religious education is the latest effort by Hollywood to get in touch with the Christian market. The status of that moviegoing set climbed in the wake of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ," about the crucifixion, and Walt Disney Co.'s "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," which had underlying Christian themes. Twentieth Century Fox has launched FoxFaith, a theatrical and home video distribution label for Christian films. Lately, low-budget, independently produced faith movies also have shown resilience at the box office, even though they are playing in a fraction of the theaters a typical studio release does.

Kremlin Gave Order to Kill Dissident

Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned on the direct orders of the Kremlin because of his biting mockery of President Putin, according to a former Soviet spy now living in Britain. Oleg Gordievsky, the most senior KGB agent to defect to Britain, said that the attempt to kill Mr Litvinenko had been state-sponsored.

Young People in Developed Nations Unhappy

Young people in developing nations are at least twice as likely to feel happy about their lives than their richer counterparts, a survey says ... According to an MTV Networks International (MTVNI) global survey that covered more than 5,400 young people in 14 countries, only 43 percent of the world's 16- to 34-year-olds say they are happy with their lives.

Demonstrators Plan 'Orgasm for Peace'

Two peace activists have planned a massive anti-war demonstration for the first day of winter. But they don't want you marching in the streets. They'd much rather you just stay home ... "The orgasm gives out an incredible feeling of peace during it and after it," Reffell said Sunday. "Your mind is like a blank. It's like a meditative state. And mass meditations have been shown to make a change."

'Michael Schiavo Meets O.J.'

Sounds like Michael Schiavo's kind of man. Fits in with George Felos, the one who hears voices from the stomachs of dying individuals and can command airplanes to crash, decide when children are to be conceived. Wonder if there's been a conference call yet between Murdoch and Michael Schiavo. Is there a new Schiavo book, "Why I Killed Terri", hypothetical of course, in the works for the spring sweeps?

Iraq Victory No Longer Possible: Kissinger

Military victory is no longer possible in Iraq, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said in a television interview broadcast Sunday ... "If you mean by 'military victory' an Iraqi Government that can be established and whose writ runs across the whole country, that gets the civil war under control and sectarian violence under control in a time period that the political processes of the democracies will support, I don't believe that is possible," he said on the BBC's Sunday AM breakfast show.

Our Food Is Killing Us

"Our food is killing us, literally," Callicrate, a member of St. Francis Parish, said in an interview after his address. "The industrial model of food production that has been forced upon us has given us food that is very unhealthy." It's not just the food – loaded with chemicals and hormones, and produced in unhealthy ways -- with which Callicrate has problems. He also doesn't like what the industrial model of food production is doing to society.

Tories Not Right-Wing Enough: Manning, Harris

If Preston Manning and Mike Harris had their way, the Harper Conservatives would be more conservative. The Reform party founder and the former Ontario premier are calling on the federal government to implement massive tax reforms, cut the size of government, strip away regulations governing businesses and individuals and rein in spending.

Harper Making Canada Relevant Again

On a flight to an Asian conference last week, Harper said what every Canadian politician knows but few have the courage to say: It is in Canada's interests to trade with China, but not in keeping with our values to turn a blind eye to their violations of human rights.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rose O'Donnell Stirs Up Christians

“Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like the United States.” Those words were not spoken by Osama bin Laden but by comedienne turned talk-show hostess Rosie O’Donnell on a nationally broadcast program in October. Her statement generated a wide range of reactions. A new nationwide survey of that reaction, conducted by The Barna Group, suggests that although few Americans would challenge her right to make such statements, just as few share her point of view.

Catholics Didn't Shift Left in U.S. Election

News stories and press releases in the first few days after the election touted "Catholic voters abandon Republicans," and "God gap narrows." But when compared to how voters as a whole cast their ballots this year, the much-vaunted statistics that supposedly show dramatic shifts by Catholics and regular worshippers of any faith lose their distinctiveness.

Violence in Iraq at Almost 'Satanic' Levels

In the United States, the top spy says violence in Iraq has reached almost satanic levels, and he fears the Iraqi Government is not capable of bringing it under control. General Michael Hayden, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, gave a grim assessment of the security outlook in Iraq during an appearance before a key Senate committee in Washington.

Harper Criticizes Liberal Handling of China

Prime Minister Stephen Harper took a parting swipe at the record of previous Canadian government for cozying up to China and ignoring its human rights abuses ... "Much of the time, China doesn't consider certain questions of human rights," he said. "Obviously, I was clear that Canada always intends to discuss all the necessary questions."